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Two NEW comic projects work in process! by Antiquity-Varmint

Hello everybody! I want to say that I do have two brand-new comic projects that I will be working on! This is going to be a great year of spring 2015!

The senior thesis comic project, will be finished in the mid-april. About 12 or 15 comic pages will be posted by one page each day. However I'm still in the actual scripting stage and the script will be done this week. Unless it will have some rewrites in the near future. I do have about three and half months of work time on the thesis project, and dealing with other four classes. I do have great faith in this senior thesis project. I do have the actual story all ready to fill up the 12 or 15 comic pages. This could be actual possible actual future ongoing webcomic series. Depends how the things are going in the near future, because I'm preparing myself for the possible illustration art career. So I can pay for food and bills.

Right now at this point, the actual plot and backstory will be secret. I will make a teaser poster when the time is ready. I will make a set of lobby cards when the time is ready. But I will tell you this, a wasteland that takes place in the future. About 500 years into the future after the very strange nuclear war ended. There will be mutant animal freaks as result from the aftermath of the old forgotten war!

The other comic project will be the second mutant animal transformation comic. It will have a short story, will go on for couple pages or so. I'm still working on it for a former furry who is still a furry. I won't tell who it is, it will be a surprise to some people who do know that person before. This person is very pleased to have me doing a TF comic project for him. We both do have faith in this work. We do work out it together in the scripting stage, and make sure what he do want to see in the comic. He is very nice enough to tell me that the senior comic thesis project should be a priority over this TF comic project. He himself knows how tough the senior thesis can be to anybody. I'm willing to take his word for it.

I will give you a hint, it will be a hedgehog. My first TF comic found in my gallery here, is more viewed as a test reel to see how I can do a mutant animal transformation well enough. It was done in a day. It should give you idea of what the TF comic would like, but sightly different inking style and a hedgehog instead.

From time to time during this spring, I will be posting some old forgotten illustration work of mine. I actually cannot believe that some great work that I did really never got posted here, due to some understandable reasons. I will also post new fresh illustration from other three art classes from this spring.

Two NEW comic projects work in process!


6 January 2015 at 11:33:35 MST

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