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As I get ready to drive down for Further Confusion I thought I'd give everyone a heads up on what's available. I will be mainly selling wall scrolls in small and large sizes and marketing a fair amount of MLP selection including vynil stickers. I will have one art show panel with a couple original pieces I am clearancing.

Table#: 12B (directory says 12A but I'm suppose to be next to Temrin) https://www.dropbox.com/s/cyzr4ziv5bg8msb/map.jpg?dl=0

I am accepting commission applications at FC, but I still have a few pre-agreed works I need to conclude before responding to interested clients of 2015, so I will not be accepting down payments at FC. Some prices have changed for the new year. I might do a few B&W traditional commissions on the spot, but only one slot a day as I'm really unsure just how busy I'm going to be merchanting my swag/how much time I'll actually get to draw.

I just got back from two weeks of holidays with just enough time to scramble everything together in time for this con. Not being able to work or draw has been a downer along with managing the stress of house showing with my landlords selling their property(thankfully new buyers want me to stay, but the craving to own my own property is distastefully rekindled at an inconvenient time), not to mention managing a small furry event on top of that just adds a bit more madness. Least to say the past four months have really sucked in terms of getting ahead on my life goals, but 2014 was just that kind of year TBH. I'm glad it's over, but I still haven't had time to breathe and plan what my time will be spent on after FC and I feel bad I can't give anyone definite answers, except that I'm going to A LOT of events counting 14+ weeks being out and about between Reno, Vancouver, Yosemite park, Seattle, and possibly Illuxcon in PA (if anyone wants to hotel share for Illuxcon contact me!).

I hope everyone else's new year has been off to a great start!

FC/Commission Info


5 January 2015 at 23:45:11 MST

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    Oh snap, I can meet ya up in person!

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      Sweet! :D