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It's Not Illegal by BaronTremayneCaple

On ABC News today, they said about hoodies are illegal and banned, it's only in the state of Oklahoma.

The reason why they banning it, because people who cover their faces and don't want to be seen, especially hidden cameras in stores, etc, suspects who are thieve rob and steal things, but if people wear it in public in Oklahoma, fine cost $500.00.

They just announce this today, it's ridiculous, but hoodies are clothing, they don't do nothing, it keeps people warm.

It's Not Illegal


5 January 2015 at 13:21:46 MST

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    It not illegal to wear a hoodie, but its illegal to cover your face with a hood or cap, or any kind of covering or mask while committing an illegal act. Its the same here in Louisiana.

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    As a resident of Oklahoma, who is wearing a hoodie right now... Nothing to worry about folks!

    They are trying to make "intentionally concealing your identity in public" into an offense... however, that hinges around the word "intent" and you can easily get around this law. With regards to hoodies, fursuits, halloween costumes, etc... so long as your intent was not to conceal who you are, you will be fine. You simply have to reveal your identity if asked to do so.

    I suspect they are just looking to add yet another fine onto minor crimes. I don't see any reason for the general public to get upset just yet.