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CLOSED: Pay What You Want Commissions by Potato-chan

Commissions are OPEN: Commission Info

The offer is now closed!

Goal: 182.66 / 200.00 USD

Will draw:

• OCs / Fan characters / Fan art •
• Humans / Anthros / Furries / Animals / Creatures / Aliens •
• BoyxGirl / BoyxBoy / GirlxGirl •
Pretty much any kind of a creature!

• Nudity is fine, but no explicit sexual scenes •
• Fetishes are also fine, just nothing hardcore •
If you're unsure if I'd accept your commission request, just ask!

How does this work:

• Send me a note offering me a certain amount of money / points. (You can also contact me via emali:
• Describe what you'd like me to draw. (References, colours, details, size, style etc.)
• I'll answer if I'll accept your offer or not. (I'll accept mostly all, tho.)
• After accepting, I'll start drawing the picture and after it's finished, I'll send you un-watermarked version of it.

If you're unsure how much to offer, you can always describe me what you'd like to commission and I can give you a price for the picture.


• Do not pay me until I say so!
• Real money via PayPal:
• Points via weirdosaurus-adopts' Donation pool
• I need to receive the payment before I start drawing. (If you're offering me a large sum, you can pay me half upfront and half when the pic's done.)
• No refunds. (Unless, for some reason, I'm unable to finish your picture.)

You can also donate:

• Points: weirdosaurus-adopts' Donation pool.
• Money:'s PayPal.



CLOSED: Pay What You Want Commissions


5 January 2015 at 09:46:12 MST

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