Quick question to you tiddly peeps by Toddlergirl

So....if you're watching me you've probably noticed a little err blip of submissions today...thing is i've been thinking about spreading out a little, so that i just dont concentrate everything onto FA cause thats a little silly. So was thinking about using this site a little bit more.
But Its still pretty confusing to me and I dont understand lots of stuff. I do really love the let weasyl build you a thumbnail feature thats really pretty snazzy.
Oooh so I wanted to ask....
do you think I should upload shine and found here? Or should I just leave that all over on FA? It would take quite a while to get both the comics up to speed here but I dunno if there's any point in actually doing it. What do you think? Does anyone actually care?

This is going to be a bit of an odd account as both Gem AND Star are sharing this place and well the two dont really mix that well but I dont thin I can handle running 2 weasyl sites as well as 2 FA sites but the fact that this place has folders makes seperating the two of them considerably easier so im pretty thankful for that.
Anyway..happy new year people. Hope to see you all around here a bit more

Quick question to you tiddly peeps


4 January 2015 at 13:40:19 MST

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    I would say keep it on FA for now, and when you get to a good 'break point' or something of a nice cliffhanger. Then you can start moving it over here. I think if you are using chrome there's an add-on that lets you cross-post from FA to Weasyl, dunno about firefox

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      I think that extension kinda also let's the user cross-post from deviantART to Weasyl.

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    I like Kitsuna's suggestion. Also, it would be good to have it in two places just in case one service disappears. (Always back up your work!)

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    Yeah, I know this is an older post, but I missed seeing it. XD I think it would always be a good idea to cross-post stuff. Like Skippy said, just in case one place decides to shutter it's doors. (Or pull really dumb things that make people run away in horror. LOL)

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    Gem, you come on over. ^^ The carpet is soft, the cookies are warm, and the milk flows freely. ^^