JANUARY/FEBRUARY SIGN-UPS closed!!! by ConbadgeExchange


Because Feb is a short month, I'm late with January and I'm going to TFF at th end of Feb I decided to make January/February an extended round so people get more time to do their badges.

It's that time again, the one where we do the fancy sign ups.

A few notes

  • Sign ups are open 7-10 days. If you are participating in the previous round, DO NOT sign up unless you have turned in for the previous round.
  • If you owe art/are blacklisted on Furaffinity do not sign up, the blacklist extends here and there!!!
  • You will receive a note when sign-ups close on who you are to draw.
  • DO NOT sign up if you will not be able to complete a badge by the deadline of ~one month.
  • Humans are allowed but please give a second option including a furry character as not everyone is comfortable with humans.
  • If you have complicated/monster characters they are also welcome but it is recommended you give a secondary character as well since this community does allow beginner, harder creatures can be a little out of their level.

Weasyl Username: Your Weasyl Username (please put YOUR USERNAME HERE, even if the badge is for someone else or a character account, this spot is for OUR RECORDS) Do not type out your username as a link or icon, just spell your name, I literally like being able to copy/paste names quickly and easily.
Character Name: Name of your character that you would like on the badge, if the badge is for someone else you may link the user here after typing out the name on the badge as a benefit to the artist.
Gender: What gender(s) your character identifies as
Species: What species your character identifies as
Reference Image: Any reference images you can provide.
Description: A brief description of your character plus anything else that isn't on the reference sheet.
Accessories: Does your character have any accessories?
Rating: The maximum rating you would like your badge to be. As a reminder, the maximum rating allowed here is R, note if someone picks a rating of R it does not mean YOU MUST draw R related work it's just the max of what they want to receive, most badges are clean and safe for work so don't feel you have to draw sexuality or gore. BADGES ARE NOT PORN! X rated material does not exist here.
Anything else?: Any other relevant information about your character? Would you like a certain theme for your badge?



3 January 2015 at 18:37:16 MST

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    Weasyl Username: rkniner
    Character Name: Richard K Niner (may be shortened to R.K. Niner)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Dog (Toller)
    Reference Image: https://www.weasyl.com/character/6883/richard-k-niner (Clean) or https://www.weasyl.com/character/6885/richard-k-niner-mature (NSFW)
    Description: A yellow duck-tolling retriever with brown hair and glasses (may be swapped with prescription shades depending on weather). Any exposed flesh (such as nose) is a bluish-grey. Eyes are brown if irises are visible.
    Accessories: Other than the glasses, and an occasionally visible analog watch on his left wrist, not really.
    Rating: G-R
    Anything else? See above ;)

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    Username: kestral
    Character Name: Kestral
    Gender: Female
    Species: Fox
    Ref: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13099167/
    Feral: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14682090/
    Description: her hair is red with black tips, and the hair can either be long or short, there is no preference to it, she also can be feral/have muzzle ex: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12108715/ tattoos do not show up if drawing her as feral.
    Accessories: she sometimes has a little flying squid/jellyfish thing floating about her, he's a companion/familiar type thing and just appears when wanted.
    Rating: G-R
    Anything else?:have fun, no drug paraphernalia

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    Weasyl Username: honeypup
    Character Name: Honey
    Gender: female
    Species: kinkajou
    Reference Image: https://www.weasyl.com/character/45870/honey
    Description: female kinkajou, everything on ref sheet
    Accessories: any that fit the character
    Rating: PG
    Anything else?: any theme

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    Weasyl Username: LarkspurDragon
    Character Name: Kee-Chi
    Gender: Male
    Species: Felavid (original species by Sidian)
    Reference Image: https://www.weasyl.com/character/44344/kee-chi (NSFW link, sorry)
    Description: An odd conglomeration of bird and cat, he is based on a sun conure and caracal. He has two sets of thumbs on each hand, the second being analogous to our pinkies. His mouth is a combination of muzzle and beak, and the beaky part is quite flexible, like a parrot's.
    Accessories: If he wears clothes, it's something light and airy, like a sarong or toga.
    Rating: G-PG13
    Anything else?: This will be my first art of him that isn't by the original artist, so I'm excited to see what you come up with.

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    Weasyl Username: Taiaboliclaw
    Character Name: D-Claw
    Gender: Female
    Species: Feline: House Cat
    Reference Image: https://www.weasyl.com/character/5429/d-claw
    Description: Your basic toon cat...basically.
    Personality: She takes being a supervillainess very seriously...she's just not good at being evil. Kinda Kooky. Little nutty. Very Toony.
    Accessories: Claw Gloves are a necessary evil (pun intended)
    Rating: G-PG
    Anything else?: If you want, something Toony or Bayou themed (I may wear this to TFF this year or next :) )

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    Weasyl Username: FoxesHunt-TheHounds
    Character Name: Sparkle Fang
    Gender: Female
    Species: G-Shep mutt
    Reference Image: https://www.weasyl.com/submission/770867/sparkle-fang-reference-sheet
    Description: On the ref ^^
    Accessories: None, or whatever you want
    Rating: Any
    Anything else?: Have fun!

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      Ah I forgot to mention, ANY ear accessory is welcome, I prefer tapers or plugs if so c:

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    Weasyl Username: thecreepingcow
    Character Name: Asenka Cherryblossom
    Gender: Female
    Species: Pandaren/Bear (Species in World of Warcraft)
    Reference Image:
    https://www.weasyl.com/submission/713219/friends-forever (Asenka is the one on the left.)
    Description: Asenka is a bit shorter than some other Pandaren, standing at 5'5”. She still has the same build as many of her race, plus extra padding around the chest area. She keeps herself very well groomed, both her hair and fur having a shine to them. Her hair is kept in two buns, pardoning her bangs and the two small braids, and decorated with three fresh cherry blossoms. Her hair is a rich brown color that has milk chocolate colored highlights through out. Parts of the fur on her body is a slight shade lighter than her hair, the rest is a creamy/off white. Her eyes are a blue-ish gray in color. She usually smells of the foods she has cooked due to enjoying cooking so much, or if she hasn't really cooked anything for the day she smells of the cherry blossoms that are kept in her hair.
    Accessories: She has covers over her buns, a Monroe piercing that can be any color, and cherry blossom flowers are usually kept in her hair.
    Rating: PG-13
    Anything else?: Have fun and enjoy!

    Or you can do

    Character Name: Breasha
    Gender: Female
    Species: Draenei (Species in World of Warcraft)
    Reference Image:
    Description: Breasha is a unique color Draenei instead of the usual white like many her skin is a cream or off-white in color. When she isn't wearing a helmet her beautiful pale blue hair is pulled back to keep it out of the way. She keeps up with it making sure it stays healthy so it shines. Her eyes are the same color as most of her race, the light blue almost a white in color. Just under her left eye is a tiny mole that contrasts to her skin, being the dark color it is. Unlike many females she is quite happy with her weight status, being heavier than most of her race.
    Accessories: Around her tail and face tendrils there can be two gold colors cuffs, if you'd like.
    Rating: PG-13
    Anything else?: If you put her in a dress, please don't cover her legs completely.

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    Weasyl Username:Larka
    Character Name: Hex
    Gender: Male
    Species: Gryphon
    Reference Image: https://www.weasyl.com/character/38613/hex and http://i.imgur.com/sYrferf.png is a really quick sketch reference of his main face markings, since a lot of people keep getting them wrong
    Description: He's a sweet person who loves to please, and can get a little cocky sometimes. I dunno what to write here tbh XD
    Accessories: not really cx
    Rating: PG please
    Anything else?: Draw whatever you like c: Have fun!

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      Username: Larka1 (this is for SinnamonSilvers :) )
      Character Name: Atsuko
      Gender: Male
      Species: Arctic Fox
      Reference Image: https://www.furaffinity.net/full/14067015/
      Description: Everything is on the ref really.
      Accessories: the collar pictured in the ref
      Rating: PG please
      Anything else?: Have fun!

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    Weasyl Username: undeadpony
    Character Name: Cortas
    Gender: What gender(s) Male
    Species: Connemara Pony
    Reference Image: https://www.weasyl.com/character/43668/cortas-victoria
    Description: He is a pale horse with white tail and main. his eyes are soft blue. He is in touch with bird spirits. He shows this by having birds tattooed on him.
    Accessories: Lips pierced twice, ear and nipples too. wears silver rings. has a raven skull necklace. Wears either medieval or fantasy clothing or tight pants with band tees like Motionless in White, Black Veil Bride, or similar bands.
    Rating: R
    Anything else?: Have fun!

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    Weasyl Username: Splash
    Character Name: Splash
    Gender: Female or genderless
    Species: Corgisaur / Scorgi (corgi + dinosaur with a touch of dragon)
    Reference Image: https://www.weasyl.com/character/2837/splash As a note, it's two spikes on the lower back and three on the tail. :)
    Description: Awkward but fun-loving, angers easily but is usually just a goofy pup. Loves video games, cartoons, swimming, scuba, and food
    Accessories: None
    Rating: PG, nothing one couldn't wear in public
    Anything else?: I'm currently playing through Fallout: New Vegas and loving it, if you are also a fan maybe something with that theme would be fun! Otherwise whatev's <3


    Character Name: Retro
    Gender: Any / Trigender
    Species: Allosaurus
    Reference Image: https://www.weasyl.com/character/37613/retro
    Description: A totally tubular dinosaur who can't let go of the 1990's. Smug, sassy, and energetic
    Accessories: Optional - fanny pack, neon sunglasses... anything that screams "90's"
    Rating: PG, nothing one couldn't wear in public
    Anything else?: his tongue is blue raspberry inspired, not sure how that's relevant but blue raspberry mmm

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    Weasyl Username: KetDusky
    Character Name: Ket
    Gender: Agender
    Species: Serval
    Reference Image: https://www.weasyl.com/character/29471/ket
    Description: Ket is a two-tailed serval with curly horns. Only one unique marking - a set of blue/teal triangles under one of the eyes.
    Accessories: A necklace or collar with an ankh on it
    Rating: R
    Anything else?: Ket comes in two varieties - regular and shadow. Either one is fine!

    Thank you! :)

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    Weasyl Username:MatchCense
    Character Name: Adish
    Gender: Male
    Species: Dreamy
    Reference Image: http://gyazo.com/2802ad5631547cb1ba3a2d0d474807a4 http://gyazo.com/6764ab89177d8d5598752b63d3d850f7
    Description: He has two holes in his ears, look at the second picture
    Accessories: Scarfs
    Rating: Anything
    Anything else?: I love extreme expressions

  • Link

    Weasyl Username: Lazer_hyena

    Character Name: Merveilleux

    Gender: male

    Species: dog, papillion

    Reference Image: http://www.furaffinity.net/full/15138211/ (Must be drawn clothed!)

    Description: Merveilleux is a dandy boy, a fop. He is very sweet and has a good heart. He lives in Paris, France with his boyfriend and loves to go out to cafes, enjoys fine french foods, and cute fashion.

    Accessories: Outfits on ref

    Rating: PG-13

    Anything else?: Clothes on ref sheet, must be clothed! I would love anything Paris themed, or cafe related.

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    Weasyl Username: Mortalvis
    Character Name: Kaye
    Gender: Genderqueer, any pronouns
    Species: Penguin/gecko android
    Reference Image: https://www.weasyl.com/submission/794459/kaye
    Description: Androgynous android currently equipped with gecko and penguin parts that they find aesthetically pleasing. Since there is no back view on the ref, I'll add that they do have the spots all over their back as well. They can be dressed in nothing, but if equipped with clothes, they typically have any combination of the following on: plaid shirts, dress shirts & ties, striped long-sleeved shirts, jeans (typically tight ones), track pants, fandom stuff (Doctor Who/Gravity Falls/Fallout/Borderlands mostly), army boots, or just boxer briefs with nothing else.
    Accessories: Not necessary but Kaye usually wears dog tags (actually their production tags) around their neck or wrapped around their wrist.
    Rating: Any
    Anything else?: Nope

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    Weasyl Username: Rabies
    Character Name: Rabies
    Gender: Cis-female
    Species: Leopard Seal or Atlantic Harbor Seal or Baby Harp Seal
    Reference Image: Leopard Seals, Baby Harp Seals and Harbor Seals
    Description: I have always used harp, harbor or leopard seals for icons around the internet. I would love a badge with any of these three seals and my name "Rabies". Go feral or anthro, cartoony or realistic.
    Accessories: Artist's choice
    Rating: PG
    Anything else?: No illegal activities please. Otherwise, artist's choice.

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    Weasyl Username: Auskie
    Character Name:Slush
    Gender: Male
    Species: Angel Dragon
    Reference Image:https://www.weasyl.com/character/46281/slush
    Description: Scarves, loves snow!!!!
    Rating: G

  • Link

    username: Alice_Alexia
    Character Name: Alice
    Gender: Female
    Species: wolf
    Reference: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6525131/
    Current hair- http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9369129/
    Description: She's a young wolf with kind and flirty personality! She's a curvy girl. You can craw her eyes normal or with a blind eye like the other ref
    Accessories: usually wears earnings of any kind!
    Rating: no higher then PG13, as I wear my badges in public c:
    Anything else?: something cute and flirty, a cute dress maybe? :3

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    FA Username: AngelBlancoArts
    Character Name: Sketch
    Gender: Male
    Species: Dog - Canine - Dalmatian
    Reference Image: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14953196/ (not a balloon fur though! LOL)
    Description: A friendly happy-go-lucky Dalmatian
    Accessories: He wears a blue shirt, blue jeans, and a gold cross necklace
    Rating: G
    Anything else?:
    I guess for this month, You can choose from either of these three ideas:
    -A badge with the theme "New Beginnings*
    -A badge with a Velentine's Day theme, with my fan cosplay of "The Angel of Art" Here's a ref of him: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12539043/
    -A toony themed badge for Texas Furry Fiesta (If you choose this idea, try and have it done by February 15th)

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    If this is still open.. :O

    Weasyl Username: Icykat
    Character Name: Icykat (Or Icy)
    Gender: Female
    Species: Gargoyle cat chimera
    Reference Image:
    Anthro: https://www.weasyl.com/character/46765/icykat-anthro
    Feral: https://www.weasyl.com/submission/847598/icykat-love
    (Both are very similar, but both refs have helpful info- whichever style you choose!)
    Description: A very shy melancholic treehugging hippie who loves nature, flowers, closeness and coffee. (Check anthro ref for character detail!)
    Accessories: Very rarely wears any. If drawing anthro and want to add accessories, check ref for necklaces. Otherwise daisy chains are her jewelery of choice.
    Rating: G-R, but keep in mind she's asexual so nothing promiscuous please. (:
    Anything else?: Any theme is fine! Be creative and have fun. c:

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    This is long, but by no means is it a list of demands.
    There are several options to pick from, depending on the artist's skill and comfort level.
    From head-shot to full body contortion, and from no clothes to complex costume.

    I'm really excited to give my best work to someone else in the exchange. :D

    Character Name: Dragon Mama
    Gender: female
    Species: Chinese Dragon
    Reference Image: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7896776/
    Description: green eyes, brown dreadlocks, thick bodied, and the rest should be on the ref sheet.
    Accessories: beads in her dreadlocks
    Rating: G-PG13 No genitals or nipples
    Anything else?: I'd like to see 1900's sideshow performer if possible. If not, mad scientist is acceptable, with goggles, long protective gloves if the hands are showing (engineer-type to the mid-forearm), and corset with labcoat over it, gathered skirt, button shoes. If that is beyond your comfort level, a head-shot is fine too. :3

    Sideshow performer links and references Listed Below
    Preferred poses:

    Costume ideas: You don't need to put clothes on her if you don't want to. If you do want to put clothes on her, but want to keep it simple, go ahead and just put her in something black like the links below in general style (all except for the swimsuit, which should be a midriff top or sports bra), but without all of the embellishments, designs and ruffles. If you are up for a bit of a challenge, add the designs, ruffles, and straps.

    Black pinstripe breeches with a ruffle at the ankle and rear like this but with plain fabric instead of lace: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/c3/20/d7/c320d7eafe2f02d9e89d4470c614c039.jpg

    Shoulder ruffles like this, also in black: https://img1.etsystatic.com/002/0/6073359/il_570xN.472840995_n8zg.jpg

    Swimsuit top for torso: black with proper skeletal structure on it.

    Black ballet slippers (not toe shoes) that lace on like this: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-thing?.out=jpg&size=l&tid=47884370

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