2015 Stream schedule changes (and more!) by Yawg

Seeing as it's a brand-spanking new year -a traditional time for making fresh starts- I'm gonna just let you guys know about a whole buncha new changes I'm going to be rolling out over the course of the new year! What an exciting development!

1. Stream Schedule!

Sunday: Off
Monday: Off
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: LOJR/Comic stream: all day, as necessary
Thursday: Patreon Stream (12PM PST – 8PM PST)¹
Friday: Sketch Stream (12PM PST – 8PM PST)
Saturday: Sketch Stream (9AM PST – 5PM PST)

Holidays of course, may change some times and dates around, but we'll adapt as we go.

I do plan on rolling out an additional day of the week where I stream the inking and/or colouring sketches I've done in the past, but I need to come up with pricing (auction?), and a way to actually do it (auction?)- because that's gotta take the whole day. Or longer, if it's one of Steelwings or Roshi's horrible character-filled monstrosities.

¹ More on this later

2. Stream Pricing!

$25 CAD base starting price for one character

  • +$10 CAD for an additional character, maximum of whatever I feel like
  • +$10 CAD for a background
  • +$10 CAD for fine detail work (cybernetics and robotics, additional limbs, and so forth)

Some of you may notice two things:
1. The cost of additional characters has gone up.
2. ...or has it? I am no longer using USD as a basis for monies- it's all CAD from now on. Which means the base price, detail fees, and background fees have all come down in price. So ultimately, you guys shouldn't notice much of a change, and my book-keeping for 2015 becomes so much easier.

3. Patreon!

So I'm bringing this up again.
It's been confirmed by the Patreon admins that while RL porn is a no-no, that embargo doesn't impact cartoon porn -fluids and all. Which is great news for us perverts. And for perverts who wish to support other perverts in their pervertedness.

No. I do not want it to become a paywall or subscription-based service. I like sharing my porn with you guys.
No, I do not want it to be the same as everyone else's Patreon. I'm a special porn snowflake. (At least, I hope that's snow...)

So, that brings us to what I WOULD be doing with it. And that's where I ask you:
What could I do with Patreon that would convince you to sign up for it, and part with $1, $5 or $20 a month? What would rewards would be "worth it?"
Are hi-rez PSDs or SAI files what you guys are looking for?
A re-mastered version of the first two issues of LoJR?
Ask-Me-Anythings of LoJR/OC characters?
Another, separate comic series?
Private sketches?
Slippy porn?
Not Slippy porn?

Let me know in the comments below!

4. Weasyl and Tigerdile

I'm going to be customizing and priming Weasyl and Tigerdile a bit more over the next few weeks. This will include filling out commish information on Weasyl, Placeholders in Tigerdile (and learning that coding stuff I should know for TD), and linking those with my social media accounts on Twitter and Tumblr, so if something goes down (I'm lookin' at you, FA) then business can continue as usual. This will also mean that I'm closing up FA Notes and introducing GoogleDocs as a way of submitting sketch/commission things. As soon as I get that info outta Kaylii. Which I'll do, once I stop mocking David Bowie.

5. Prints, T-Shirts, Folios and stuff

Workin' on 'em. None are ready to roll out yet, but I think that's all right, as I don't really have a way to distribute any of these quite yet. All things in time. I just wanted to remind myself (and you guys too) that this is going to be a busy, busy year for me.

And I guess that's all!
I'm going to shower, and run out and get some breakfast before I start today's stream, which is in like, in an hour.

See you guys there!

2015 Stream schedule changes (and more!)


2 January 2015 at 11:55:40 MST

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