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Changes to come~! by trickster.puppy

First of all, happy New Year! Let's kick 2k14's ass by being better in '15!!
I learned a lot about myself in '14. And I'm planning on learning more and becoming a better person in 2k15.

Anyway, that said, I'm planning a lot of changes with how things are working around here!
One of which will be dumping SAI entirely. >:O

As much as I love SAI it's been acting like a complete jerk with filetypes/size and opening files in general and I'm sick of it.
I currently have ClipStudio or whatever you want to call it pfff. I'm having a bit of fun trying to learn how to use it better so that I can start doing commissions on there rather than SAI. So that's one big change!

Another big thing I need to do is use all of the sites I'm on regularly. I tend to stick to one site for a while and then switch over to another and then cycle them and that's not good for keeping a watcher-base. I'll be being more consistent with uploading things to FA, DA, Eka's, Weasyl and Tumblr and soon will be choosing what kind of content to upload to each. (Obv no explicit content on DA etc etc, where to put messy sketches yadda yadda...)

Plus being more consistent with streaming and putting out content in generally. Replying more consistently, not being afraid of replying n' whatever. All that jazz.

I have a lot I want to fix.

Changes to come~!


1 January 2015 at 17:07:41 MST

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    I've never had a problem with Sai doing anything like that. My tablet on the other hand is a temperamental little bitch. Well whatever you end up doing I'm sure you'll make it work. I'll keep an eye on you here as well as FA. Happy 2015 to you. =3