tricks for winter blues/depression/etc by pupydogeyes

i and it seems many other people have developed the winter blues. so ive conducted a list of things that have helped me survive so far and at least keep the blunt of my anhedonia at ease

-self care sunday(do things for yourself whether pampering or less work)
-keep a journal of daily happenings
-get water speakers. very relaxing to watch
-try new music (RECOMMENDED:synthwave, vaporwave, chillwave for a relaxing experience)
-coloring books(or online coloring pages!)
-take a walk if you can! or exercise a little! stretch works too!
-spend time with a pet
-hit up an old friend!
-research something you like but know nothing about. write it all down
-browse hulu for free tv series
-melatonin is a great sleep inducer but also mood stabilizer
-zone out/space out. think about all the good things you have and just let your mind enjoy those things and memories
-get regular sleep/regular schedule
-vitamin D supplements
-go to the library or get a new book!
-candles or incense
-bubble baths!!

if you have any additions please share! thank you and feel better soon <3

tricks for winter blues/depression/etc


29 December 2014 at 00:04:32 MST

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    Thanks for the tips, man. C: