No FC for me - See you at TFF! by Idess

Just a reminder that I will NOT be at Further Confusion 2015... first time skipping FC since 2007 for me! It's really weird to be skipping a con I've been going to for 10 years now, but by doing so I am now able to attend a con I've never been to before, Furry Fiesta, and once again attend one of my favorite cons, BLFC :)

I will be dealing alone for the first time ever at Furry Fiesta (TFF), so I'm a bit nervous but I will be around some amazing and awesome people so I'm sure it will be fine n.n I've been to Texas before but never the Dallas area, so I'm really excited to be visiting a new place!

I hope to be opening for TFF pre-orders in January!

Hope everyone had a good Christmas!

No FC for me - See you at TFF!


26 December 2014 at 12:43:32 MST

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    Hope you had a good Christmas as well!

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      I did, thank you! ^^

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    FFFFF the year you don't go to FC I am able to and will be... Someday I will meet you in person... Someday.

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      Guh! D: Hate how things like that happen! Someday definitely... I would love to try more cons, especially ones a bit more East, someday!

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        Someday I would like to try more West ones, so someday we shall meet in person and do the awkward dance.

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          Haha yessss, it is mandatory for how long we've known each other online! :O