Lil Weightloss Progress Update by whiteicepanther

Hey guys!

In case you haven't seen, I have a video up where I talk about the progress I've made so far with my fitness journey. I'm not doing to shabby if I do say so. (link to it is at the bottom)

Also, I'm hoping to at some point bring back art live streams. They wont all be commissions streams, some will just be me doodling, goofing around, or for "fan art fridays" where I plan on creating a random piece of fan art just for the fun of it. These streams are more than likely going to take place on Thursdays. I haven't yet figured out a time of day, probably mid afternoon EST and lasting till later at night EST depending on what I'm working on or if I'm taking commissions.

Figured I'd let you guys know to keep an eye out for the streams. They probably wont start till after New Years, but be looking! ;)


Link to the Video:
Off to HickvilleProductions on YouTube!

Lil Weightloss Progress Update


21 December 2014 at 15:12:25 MST

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