Why No Patreon Yet? (edited) by Eskiworks

[EDIT] I want to clarify, that I already have plans on exactly what I want to do with Patreon, but only when I'm ready! I'm not looking for suggestions on how to use the website, when to use the website, or what other crowdfunding websites to use. I made this journal to answer the question as to why I don't already have an active Patreon. Please understand I've already made my decision, and I do not wish to further justify how I came to this conclusion.

Been getting a lot of asks about this lately (on and off tumblr), so I though I’d make a post about it!

Patreon, for those of you who do not know, is a website where people can support artists on a crowd funding platform in the long term, supporting them for multiple projects on a monthly basis, or giving them a tip based off a monthly payment, etc. It’s been a major blessing for so many artists,why not me too?

Well, I simply don’t have room in my schedule to do ANY non-commission art right now. I’m focusing on whittling down a sizable list of art, which needs to be significantly shorter before I am comfortable accepting money through Patreon. I still need to support myself financially while I work through that list, so I take small amounts of commissions on a short term basis, and focus the rest of my time on that list. It seems to be working out pretty well, though it’s definitely slow going and a delicate balancing act that sometimes need correcting. I’ve gone from 63 items on that list when I started, down to 35. Let’s face it though, 35 items is still pretty immense, and I just don’t think it would be responsible to explore a Patreon for myself until that list is either significantly lower, or totally wiped out.

I do have plans for a Patreon though, when the day comes my list is short enough! On the occasional weekend I will do work on my headworld, TeaFeathers, from stories to practice drawings, to fleshing out the species that live in that world. I have some bigger stuff planned for that world, which includes a lot of public participation and TONS of art, so a future Patreon would be focused on that!

In the meantime, I will continue diligently working down my art list, and cheering on other artists who have Patreon pages. And when I can I’ll be pecking away at TeaFeathers stuff in my free time!

Why No Patreon Yet? (edited)


19 December 2014 at 13:21:12 MST

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    You know, you could just create a very basic one for the people who would like to support you anyway. Just create it with a base $1 "thank you" donation or something and then expand once you get that list knocked down. I'd totally support you, even without dedicated content right now. <3

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      Nah, I don't think that's something I'd like to do. If anyone ever feels inclined to provide a tip they can do so through paypal if they wish! I think I would rather debut a fully functional Patreon geared towards my primary goal, rather than start with something small and unrelated to TeaFeathers, then move it towards that.

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      Ack, hit enter too soon!

      Wanted to say thank you for the idea, and for the support regardless! <3

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        Of course! But I meant you could make it for the support of TeaFeathers still, and just have basic info of what you expect to be doing with it and make a notice that it will be a bit before anything is started. Though, obviously you don't have to, just a suggestion! I have a weird mental process that seems to block wanting to donate through paypal. :B I have no idea what it is, but I just... if that is my only option, I simply don't. With patreon, I tend to calculate my pledges in with my bills, so that I make sure I have the money for it when the end of the month rolls around.

        Maybe I'm just weird xD

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          To me, that's still using Patreon in an incomplete way, and then later "upgrading" it to be more fully functional in the way i want to use it. It's just not something I want to do, as I already have plans on exactly how I want to use Patreon. Using it as a tip jar, no matter what the tips are for, is just not in my plans! =)

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            No problem~ I look forward to it either way :D

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    That takes discipline. I stopped taking commissions bc any type of "list" of art to do for others seemed to sap my inspiration and make it a ch9re. Thirty-five IS a big list O_o

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    That takes discipline. I stopped taking commissions bc any type of "list" of art to do for others seemed to sap my inspiration and make it a chore. Thirty-five IS a big list O_o

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    Glad you're considering it! I always tell artists on the fence to try patreon, it just really helps artists do their own projects for a change either as a donation pool for webcomics or general art production or full on projects with tier rewards. I know how daunting big lists of work get as well, they're a nightmare, but you've done so well to half that workload! Keep at it! It feels sooooo good to not have lingering work out of your mind so you can have fun and time to pick your future projects a bit more freely c:!!

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    Very interested to see whatever you settle on in the end, and what it will look like! If I can someday see (or play!) an Alecani swinging a Ding-Dong door breacher, you know what my first response will be x3