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Sprite Commissions? by Idun J. Fox

Before I start, Beta's fur pattern is dumbutts for its asymmetry. Some time down the line I'm going to have to create second version of all of Beta's animations so that his fur pattern stays consistently displayed. Annoying!

Anyway, who would be interested in animated sprite commissions? Nothing super special, just regular stuff.

Like say, an idling sprite animation of simple nature of about 10 to 20 frames of looping would be $20ish. Here are some examples. (15 frames) (8 frames) (21 frames) (20 frames)

I'm willing to do other kinds of simple sprite animations, but the resolution of the sprites will be kept along the 50x50 size that I have the Orange and Beta sprites limited to, and prices would vary depending on the complexity and length of the animation.

If you're interested send me a private message and we can discuss it.

If you're not, then you've wasted your time reading this, oh nooooooo.

I'm also still taking Sketchmissions.

Sprite Commissions?

Idun J. Fox

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