I underestimated the power of the PC masturace by Nsyse

I can now stream skyrim in ultra HQ.

I haven't delved into mods yet.

My life is over.

Nah jk, now that school's over I'll get back to streaming drawings and stuff weekly (I'll start accepting tips since a few people did encourage me to do so), next one should be tomorrow 14 EST because I might be awake by then. I'll have to check the cap first though, had to download a bunch of stuff for finals.
https://furstre.am/stream/Nsyse (404 when not live AFAIK)

I underestimated the power of the PC masturace


18 December 2014 at 01:17:00 MST

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    I'm gonna just warn you right now. Modding is an addiction.

    It started out harmless. Graphics mods, better textures. Then I started getting improvements for the weather, the atmospherics. Then came a complete rework of the game's combat systems courtesy of SkyRe. Better scripts for AIs so they'd flee dragon and vampire attacks. Then come the armor addons, the weapon expansions, the follower packages. Eventually the best way to keep getting my high was to make my own mods.

    At this point I've been spending more time modding the game than playing it. Beware that path. It leads to sorrow.

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      This Khajiit has been warned.