i am finally free by VCR-WOLFE

as of now im on winter break! im finally rid of this semester, blessed be

i did have kind of a bad dysphoric episode today tho, both from residual stress of the semester and also you know what, being trans is just fuckin difficult so fuk this noise lmao

im gunna kinda try n take it easy today, get through this week esp since i have doctor appointments in the next couple days and uh, then ill be able to fully devote my time to commission work! im finally gunna be getting places with this wow

i am finally free


17 December 2014 at 15:03:45 MST

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    I actually didn't know you were trans, neat o:

    you deserve this break! I just finished my first finals as a college student and holy shit. I've never had so much stress in my life.

    I'd never wish the stress I got from finals onto anyone... so yeah. enjoy your break!

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      super trans. Mega Trans. Ultra Ultimate Trans. that me

      oH MAN YEAH ITLL DO THAT TO YA, good luck with coming semesters yOULL NEED IT

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        thanks man I'm crazy terrified of what's to come. Honestly might not continue with this but eeeh who knows

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    Not in school, but yeah, I feel ya on the dysphoric days sort of thing. It gets better I swear to god. Not right away, and not linear but it does get better eventually most of the time.

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      uff yea ive been dealing w this shit for the better part of what like...idek 8 years or smth and while ive definitely made a lot of strides to get closer to a point where im comfortable with myself things are still tough from time to time @_@

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        I'm glad it's getting better! :3
        I'm a trans guy and pretty binary myself. Would you say it was worse not knowing you were trans but dealing with dysphoria that just left you depressed and all wtf-y?

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          im very nonbinary myself so i know from my own personal experiences that has a bit of a differing set of challenges as opposed to binary trans folk ;o;

          hmm well i mean ive known i was trans since i was like..13?? and learned about nonbinary genders around when i was 14 and then just all the years after that until now that im in my 20s has mostly just been hell trying to figure out how to present in a way that feels like me and is comfortable haha. some days the dysphoria is worse than others, other days its crippling and i cannot leave my own house, which i feel is definitely something both binary and nonbinary trans people can share in common wow

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            Yeah, it does become very different. I don't fit into any traditional binary (Most people don't in some small ways) but still, feel 100% male.

            Yep, definitely something we all have in common in that regard. You found out so young though! And we are roughly the same age! Damn. I didn't know trans men existed till I was 13-ish and didn't really entertain the idea of being transsexual myself till I was 15 (than I stuffed it all deep inside). Didn't start seriously transitioning till I was 21 after half a year of trying to be accepting of myself.

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              definitely, id say p much all the trans people ive met, binary or otherwise, certainly break the traditional gender binary in some way, which is good imo

              idek how im gunna transition tbh. theres a lot to weigh in since i do not feel i am male or female, thats certainly one of the biggest struggles for me

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                Not even just trans people but cisgender people as well. My own father broke gender roles.

                Yeah, I have no idea how hard that would be. :( I hope you get it figured out at some point though.

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                  aah, also good!

                  YEAH IT REALLY IS huffs. it sucks too, especially with how binarist a lot of places still are. i know where i currently live now i would not be able to get my name legally changed or my gender status changed unless i am "fully" transitioned to the opposite sex and thats out of the question for me

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                    A lot of places are changing though. As much as it sucks, it could just be a matter of the waiting game unfortunately. I know, sucks hard. ;-;

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    I still have a few days to go (till Friday!) but then I'm free too!!!
    I hope you feel better soon C:
    I would never offer alcohol as a solution but it's nice to sit down with a cup of rum and eggnog and playing some games.

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      me and alcohol def dont mix haha, my metabolism is far too sensitive ;o;

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        XD No worries, I usually only have like 1% rum and 99% eggnog, and only if my roommate offers :P
        I just enjoy the taste hahaha