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So, a bit of a personal update.

A few days ago, I quit my job. This was mainly due to the stress of the job that'd always been present being combined with a recent spike in the expectations they set forward and my own personal issues right now. Basically, I felt that if I continued working my performance was going to see a rapid decline that'd result in termination, and it was a much better option to end things on decent terms now.
Money wise I'll be fine for the next few months, and for the move to MN I'll be making come April/May-ish. I'd saved up enough for all that before hand. The only unfortunate thing is that any long term plans that were requiring funds (Namely, AC) are on hold, at least for now.
I'm going to take about a month or so to try and collect myself, clean up around the house and get things mostly in order for the move. I've got a few work from home places I'm considering applying to, I'll start sending those out in a bit. If I can get a different job, ideally one that I can move with me, that'd work out a lot better than finding temporary employment at winn-dixie or whatever locally and only working for a couple months.

I might also try to get to work on a few of the gaming-related projects that I'd abandoned a while ago. If I've any updates of significance on anything there, I'll put them here.
I'll also be around, a lot, so if anyone wants to talk ever, you can send me a message here or on skype and I'll probably respond.

Life Things


17 December 2014 at 04:53:02 MST

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