Return of Backlight Icons by Zyleeth

For the first time in five years I'm now officially open for backlight style icons again! If you're not sure what I'm talking about, here are several examples:

(Some material suggestive but no details)

I've obviously improved in five years, so some finer details may be different. I'll be posting the new ones once I have a good batch completed. Icons can be suggestive or totally clean, feral or anthro, your choice of background color, and include up to two characters! All orders come with a 100x100 size and a full 400x400 image.

Price will be $10 for one, and only $5 for each additional! Either comment or email at me at zvaldien *at* (also my paypal address for payment) if interested! Thanks. <3

Cyrakhis (1) - Complete
Raist (2) - Complete
Blazer (2) - Complete
Draphilius (2) - Complete
Draco18s (2) - Complete
Tysha (3) - Complete
Nemmy (2) - Complete
Rein (1) - Complete
Kilroy (3) - Complete
Siscily (2) - Complete
Lothaekor (2) - Complete
HerPurpliness (2) - Complete

Return of Backlight Icons


16 December 2014 at 19:45:53 MST

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    I'd be up for one!

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      Wonderful! Of the same character as the speed paintings I did or a different one? And let me know of your color and general theme. :)

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    Want one! :D maybe 2!

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      You're the best! <3 I'm working on your other commission right this moment too, it should be ready on schedule before Xmas. :3 I'll put you down for however many icons you'd like, just let me know what character and the background colors!

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        Email sent! I'll be able to send payment as early as tomorrow! :D

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    Curses the need to sleep Never mind, email sent now :D

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    Good luck with these! I hope you get a ton of commissions :D

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      <333 Thank you!!