MFF Report and BIG CHANGE by MothMonarch

The bulk of my MFF report is here on my website with pictures. That's pretty much everything I'd like to remember aside from a few little things I've noted elsewhere just for myself. Check it out perhaps?

As I've stated, I'm basically booked through December; my queue now includes a few things I had to take home thanks to the chlorine evacuation, and I have pieces to finish for the FC show. I've updated it at the end of the journal. However, if you are interested in custom work and would like to discuss arranging something for January or February, please feel free to contact me. I will try to get through everything ASAP.

You've found my art and located my sales tables by the name "Nyomi Naomh" for the last, what, six and a half years? I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the business, attention, aid, friendship, and other gestures of support you have extended to me in all that time. I am so happy to have been part of the fandom even with its complicated nature and have met many, many wonderful people who I am blessed to call family.

Now... Nyomi is going away. It is time for MOTH MONARCH to take the spotlight all for her own.

I will continue to appear at cons, put my art in shows, and sell in artist alleys and dealers' dens. Commissions will be available and my shop will remain open with new stuff added whenever I can design it and afford to produce it. My overall brand with my real name, Mary Capaldi, will remain the same as it has been since PhoenixBLUE Art was dropped. The only real difference is now you will find all the furry art and appearances under "Moth Monarch." My badges will say it, my art show and dealers' listings will go under that name, and you are invited to call me "Monarch" rather than "Nyomi." (Of course, you're free to still call me Nyomi if you like or are used to it; just know that that name will no longer designate my art or help you find me where I go next). The only real issue I expect to encounter with this transition - which should occur over the span of about a year - is that FA account names cannot be changed and it would be a huge pain to move everything to a new account. Everything else should adjust fairly well. I've already changed my Weasyl name, as you can see!

FC is the last con I'll be attending with the name Nyomi on my badge and for my art show panels. As AC is the next con I expect to attend after that, you will see the new identity take effect there. I hope you will continue to follow my journey, support me, and enjoy my art as I continue to evolve as a person and an artist. Thank you for your attention and patience.

Cue the Queue
1. Trello Sculpt Items
2. Kitty Ridicudorable Badge from MFF - packaged to mail
3. Albus Ridicudorable from MFF - almost done
4. Draque Portrait Badge from MFF - inking
5. Cryo Ridicudorable Badge from MFF - packaged to mail
6. Kyle Ridicudorable Badge from MFF - packaged to mail
7. Keys Comm x2 - in progress
8. Secret Project FS - preparing
9. FirHax Ridicudorable - done



15 December 2014 at 12:47:12 MST

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    That is a big change!

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      Yes, but it's been a while coming I think. And I feel it will be for the better!

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    Pfft. Who are you to declare yourself Queen of all Moth? 'tis a heresy! summons the guard

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      I have the crown; I am the King!

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    There's a book series that this is how you change names. Stand up one day and know in your heart its who you are. When you can say 'this is me!'

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      Like a lot of other things lately, I should've seen this coming - Moth Monarch is the first persona I didn't choose. She happened to me suddenly and in full force and hasn't slowed down since. Not to mention the name is memorable and ties in perfectly with the art I tend to do anyway. Nyomi was a good character and a good experience; I needed her when I started out in the fandom. But Moth Monarch is me coming into my own. This is me.