Where is the Furry Traffic?... by Tigress

OKAY! Trying to figure WHERE ELSE to go aside from Weasyl & FA.

REALLY getting sick and tired of FA's sh-t.
Weasyl seems rather inactive..
Aaaand then there's DA... Just went back to it and I remember why I left in the first place...FULL of art theft.


[This does not mean I'm leaving Weasyl btw]

Where is the Furry Traffic?...


15 December 2014 at 08:41:39 MST

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    Facebook-join tons of art groups
    Twitter-follow like crazy and week out idiots as you go
    Tumblr for getting your art out there but its not great for sale, just a place to stash your art
    Furgather is new and seems to be growing
    Having your own website like Wix is free and easy to set up
    <3 your art is amazing hon, the keep is to stick with whatever you use the more you move around you have to keep starting over can hurt you in the long run.

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    not only is there art theft on da, but also drama, derp

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    Weasyl is still mostly furry, though there are some fantastic non-furry artists here, too. As for getting traffic going, I left a comment on your other journal :D

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    I'm highly biased, but Inkbunny has a fair amount of traffic - about two times Weasyl if daily member stats are comparable - and we're very furry-focussed.

    If you see art theft on there, please report it via support ticket! We're not fans of tracers. :-|

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      P.S. FA to IB is your friend if setting up an account, or for occasional maintenance if you don't want to upload individually. Though you might, we've got cool options!

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    Yeah.... DA is not a wise place to stay if you want to stay sane.
    Weasyl is great, but it does take team effort. It's all about making it active. Which can be hard, but I'm still going to be part of it.
    To be honest, I don't think there is anywhere better.
    -FA is good for the community, but not so much for their staff.
    -Weasyl is an amazing art site, but people don't really help it become more active for more than a few days.
    -DA is to others a place to shop for free characters and where comments make you face palm.
    -IB has some really nice people and staff but it's a bit to open to some things. AKA: Cub.

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    You could always try to draw more people from FA over to here, this is actually a kinda interesting suggestion on how to draw people over- https://www.weasyl.com/journal/69579/faster-better-cheaper-traffic-funneling-for-content-creators