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Good ol' USA by KrissieFox

Hi folks! I am still alive, yes. wipes the dust off my journal box And I've got things to share! losers to offend! keyboards to wear out by obsessively proofreading and re-typing my own journals 30 times before I post them! So!

for those who haven't heard about this:

The creeps won the vote, got their way. yaada yadda yadda...A few thoughts to share on the matter.cracks knuckles

-when one group of people terrorizes another group of people (whom have been minding their own business) for probably, a good chunk of human history; with murder,defamation, and denying them equal treatment under the law...and one of their victims calls them out on their bad behavior... It is not "being a hypocritical brat", it is speaking up to your oppressors. As soon as I start beating up Christians, committing vandalism, and posting hateful lies on big purple signs all over town, you can call me a hypocritical brat - not to say I haven't been a hypocrite or a brat during certain points my life, who hasn't? But standing up to your oppressors isn't either of these things.

All this occurred simply because I asked some folks if it was legal to remove signs that spread false and harmful information as well as intimidate every decent person who is just going to the store for milk and eggs....asked. I didn't plan on doing something brash without knowing the law first, especially knowing that people would twist it around to further vilify trans people in Fayetteville. That said, my only remorse would have been for the people vilified, because like Rosa Parks didn't worry about the selfish feelings of the racist who told her to move from her seat, I don't care about the selfish feelings of people who might get my friends killed with all these lies.

-with that out of the way...It is wonderful to see folks I know around town lifting their voices and speaking out, offering encouragement and support to one another. and those of you who refrain from sugar-coating your thoughts on hatemongers...I especially like you guys smirk these clowns need to hear it like it is, not some doormat-like "oh, but their baseless opinions are valid too! What about how you freaky trans people make THEM feel?" hurk

So there is some good I'm seeing, in that it was a close vote, meaning that at-least Fayetteville is almost evenly divided between horrible and decent people, hoping those numbers will continue to shift. I also hear word that another chance to, because this is something that is somehow up to a majority vote..shakes her head might come around soon. here's hoping...

or you know, the people in charge could just grow a spine and treat us like human beings.

Good ol' USA


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