I need work/commissions and such. I need a new computer. T-T by VinVulpis

I need some help if I'm gonna upgrade some of my stuff. My computer is gettin old and starting to have hardware issues. Normally my art tablet and/or wireless card just shit out at random and I have to restart the fucking thing. Other random, sometimes worse things occur. Streaming is a pain in the butt on it, and it's one of the reasons I really don't do it too often, as it seems shit always interferes. I'd also like to get a new camera so that I can stream my traditional work at a much better quality.

If you're curious as to what I'm running right now. It's a 1.8GHz AMD quad-core with 6GB of RAM (used to be 8 before a stick got damaged). And the computer as a whole is about 6+ years old. I have an old navidia card my friend Bunni gave me some time ago, but I honestly don't need anything better on that end. I don't really game a lot and this thing does more than enough. I just need a new motherboard, CPU and RAM. Maybe a new hard drive down the line.

Of course I'm open for commissions and such, but if you're feeling generous, tips are super duper nice.

I just dislike taking "donations" because I hate taking money without giving back anything in return. I guess it's kind of a pride issue. And it's just that if I'm gonna be able to keep the art thing going full swing, I need the work to keep that going to pay bills and buy food and stuff on top of wanting to get some new hardware.

With a few pieces I just recently finished, I have room to take on a few more. (And yes, I still have a handful of coms I'm workin on) So if you're interested in gettin some stuff from me please do note me. You can also feel free to poke me on Skype, which I find it much easier to discuss commission details on their, rather than notes.

Also, paypal is what I use and that's vinvulpis@yahoo.com but I can also send out invoices if that's preferred.

Welp, Happy happy holidays and all that and thanks in advance. :3

I need work/commissions and such. I need a new computer. T-T


9 December 2014 at 07:20:37 MST

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