Looking to Commission Artwork for a Tattoo by Smokepaw


For the sake of generating either input and/or interest, I'm publicly advertising my intent to commission artwork to be used as a tattoo. Call this an open solicitation to my watchers and friends for suggestions!

Yes, it would be for me. Its about time I get off my laurels and get this done.

Since I'm unfamiliar with tattoos in general, having not gotten one before, I'm looking to start off rather basic. What I'm looking for is an armband, which in practice would be used around both arms, based off of the following real armbands I own.


An help is welcomed! I honestly don't know how many people look at journals here on Weasyl, but my hope is that a few may see this and weigh in. :)



Looking to Commission Artwork for a Tattoo


3 December 2014 at 18:13:12 MST

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    Tattoos are fun. I got a bunch. First time, armband would not be that bad on the pain scale for ya either. I'd stay away from white though, it will most likely go brown from sunlight.
    I'm a fan of the American Traditional style myself.
    Just remember this: Old is bold, and bold never gets old.

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      I'm more conservative than perhaps most when it comes to colors; I'm looking for blackwork instead of color for these. Kind of similar to Scrimshaw, where a heavy amount of detail and shading can produce amazing pieces of artwork that stand the test of time without using anything other than the canvas and the ink. American Traditional is pretty awesome style, but it is not what I'm in love with for my own body. Not knocking it one bit, its just not what I'm looking for.

      Pain is something I'm alright with. I'm pierced already, complete with later enlarging. I'd be surprised if tattooing hurt half as much.

      To be honest, this is about five years overdue. I'm excited to finally get things rolling.

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        My first 5 tattoo's were black, and well, they are still black. If you are going to stay black, then you'll have no problems on how they look in the future. My first was when I turned 18, and I'm going on 31 here shortly, and its still as clear as day.
        The picture you provided reminds me more Indian style, and I could see a black, intricate armband turning out REAL nice. Staying away from tribal, I could see, just like the beads, going from thinner outside, thick inside, back to thin, with no line in between (or a string connecting them together).

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    What about fading in hairpipe beads, with a wolf paw print for the center (maybe even a small dreamcatcher?), and some crossed feathers?
    Of course, then again, I'm not sure if you already have an idea of what you want and you are mostly just looking for someone to draw it.

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      Thanks for your input!

      Since this post was first published I've been working with a tattoo studio on some ideas and have come to the conclusion these two will be the foundations from which much more elaborate and larger work is built upon. With that in mind, the work will all be bold black ink. I'm pretty sure that, once its been inked, I'll share some photos!

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    My first tattoo was a wolf's head and feathers with come colored beads on my right upper arm. A lot of people make a big deal about how painful tattoos are, but I found mine was more like someone pushing against bad sunburn. If you're going for just armbands, I'd assume they'd be the same, maybe less. It's been a good eight years since I got mine.

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      I'm sure the pain aspect is a combination of personal tolerances and the location chosen to get work done on. These will be armbands, as stated, and will be full-circumference around the arms.

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        It probably is, but I'm the biggest wuss out there when it comes to pain XD

        But yeah, armbands won't be too bad. It's usually the wrist, neck or back that are (according to the tattoo artist) the worst place to get them done if you have a low pain tolerance.

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    I'd be happy to work on a tattoo design for you! I love the idea of an armband based on traditional American Indian designs. Let me know if you want to work with me!

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      Cool, and thanks for the interest!

      I've got some ideas in with a tattoo studio here local to me, and hopefully some good work comes out from the discussion with them. That said, I'd be happy to share with you what I'm aiming for if you're interested?