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As many of you know, my main shop has always been located at Bigcartel:

Well, I've been heavily considering the differences between Bigcartel and Etsy, and long story short, while I will be keeping the Bigcartel my main shop for the time being, I would really like to dip my toes in Etsy, if nothing else to see what the community is like over there. I've had my Etsy name for some time now, but in recent months have migrated a few of my unique paint jobs and items over, (some may have noticed this in my recent Hippocamp paints). I like the idea of having the Bigcartel shop be for custom pendant and blank orders, while my hand painted pieces being over on Etsy. This way, each of the hand painted pieces has their own page, there's no confusion on which piece you're ordering, plus each one gets their time to shine.

Since the main bulk of audience is here on the art gallery type sites, what do all of you think? Would this be too confusing to order? How have you liked ordering from my Bigcartel shop so far? Any thoughts on Etsy? Honest feedback is appreciated. Feel free to email me if you wish to keep your opinions a bit more private: ccarpenter (at)

With that, for anyone frequenting Etsy, support would be much loved! Stopping by to say hi, following the store, or even spreading the word helps me continue making art for all to see. Again, here's the shop:

Etsy Shop!


3 December 2014 at 13:20:39 MST

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