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Updates updates :

1: I am not going to any furry con any time soon. Unless something happens and then I will let people know.

2: my next con is itchbancon in January. It is a 4 day con and I still don't have my costumes done.. >.>

3: over the next year I will be doing art slave challenges to get myself ready to start taking commission in 2016. I will still be open to commission now. But the price will jump in 2016 by double. So if something is 5 now it will be 15 in 2016. Just FYI I wanna do this as a full time job. And work part time at another job.

4: art slaves here will be at max 3 items. And all will be rare items. Such as traditional art and crafts. As well as ref sheets using a base or drawn by hand.

5: I now have a twitter for more known updates and a tumblr. @PumpkinFloyd is my twitter and is tumblr.

Thank you for reading.

stuff cleared and updates


3 December 2014 at 11:03:00 MST

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