Master Journal of Races/Types/Breeds by Adrenaline Angel

These are orignal ideas that you will see in my adopts and art. I will continue to update this journal as more are added. You may use the races/types/breeds for stories/roleplays/etc. IF you have bought an adoptable of said race/type/breed. I only ask for credit if you are directly asked for information on the idea. However, feel free to expand on and play with them!


1) Monsturms are your classical depiction of monster or devil. They usually have horns and pointed ears, and can sometimes have tails and/or wings. Occationally their skin can be an unnatural colour, but it is equivalent to the rarity of gingers. They are very mischivous and take pride in their race. They are very similar to humans in mannerism, anatomy, etc. however they can often master dark magic if one will take the time and effort to do so (not often likley).

2)Cyber Siren is a creature who lures men over social media sites to meet in person, then turns them into upgrades for her computer. They sometimes have robotic parts that will also be upgraded via male victims. They are very pleasant and kindly upon being met in person and/or when meeting a non-lustful male, any female, or other. All female race.

3) Yakshiva is like a Yakshi but with extra arms. They are beautiful and calm, and often are related to nature. Most are concidered dieties that are never seen, but you can sometime catch a glimps of them in heavily lush areas full of flowers, grass, trees and the like. Sometimes they will have ean extra eye or few to make sure they aren't seen and caught. This is a race with out gender but usually presents itself as female.


1) Deer-Dogs are just super cute.

Master Journal of Races/Types/Breeds

Adrenaline Angel

2 December 2014 at 20:26:44 MST

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