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MFF is this weekend. Dang that was fast. I'll be there as stated, hanging out and vending bug goodies at International 93. Your best bet to find me at the table is Friday or Saturday; I'll be here and there Sunday rather than chained down for the day. I will be taking very limited commissions on-site for badges and sketches and little to no homework, so if you want some custom draws, find me Friday for best results. Otherwise, I'll have buttons and bandanas and prints and shenanigans all weekend and stuff in the show including some nice originals like this beb I just finished. Got him a nice frame!

Once I get back from MFF, I will start to be available for regular commission work again. Still on the table are the last sculpt items in the Trello and a skunk piece for lunarkeys which will be sure to please the latex/rubber fans. I also have a couple behind-the-scenes collaborative projects that should be pretty exciting once done!

I'll be 25 before the year is out (what) and then FC rolls around. I will be away from my digital workstation for a little while before and after the con but may still take some sketches and traditional things. Then I'm pretty much back into my regular routine until AC unless I manage to add another con. The farthest out I'm thinking is RF next year - I'd really like to try it as I've heard lots of good things.

And that's it for the moment. Hope to see you at MFF! Otherwise, happy holidays if I don't have an update before Christmas rolls around!

Here's what going to happen


1 December 2014 at 23:38:28 MST

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    Well, I'll be 25 AFTER the year is out :P