~* T.O.S *~ by Dragonhuntx

I reserve the right to modify my ToS at any time I see fit.
A commission is considered a business transaction and is between myself and the client.
I do not accept NSFW commissions.
I require written permission from every owner of any participating character(s) that I will have artistic freedom over the commission.
I reserve the right to contact all character owners at any point during the process.
I reserve the right to decline any commission/trade without citing a reason.
These Terms are Non-negotiable.

By a customer giving me artistic freedom over a piece, I have complete say over the commission within the scope of what was originally discussed in writing.
Artistic Freedom forfeits the right to require changes made to the poses, expressions, theme, outfits, color schemes, background, lighting and all other aspects, unless otherwise agreed upon, during the initial discussion.
Mistakes made or anything that does not follow the initial discussion guidelines, are exempt and can be requested for change.

Things I won't draw for commissions:

  • Anything I consider offensive or racist
  • Anything that may be considered NSFW or anything I consider NSFW
  • Any form of rape or non-consensual sexual situation.
  • Public figures.
  • Copy other people's designs or significant portions thereof.
  • Cub/loli in any mature setting.
  • Scat and urine.
  • Vore.
  • Gore.
  • Inflation.
  • Bulging / Big muscles that are unrealistic

In addition to not drawing the following,
I will also not accept being sent any material including the following content, for reference or any other purpose:

  • Under aged characters, or characters with child-like anatomy, nude or in sexual context.
  • Feral, non-sentient animals in sexual context.
  • Non-consensual scenes.

If there is something that is not listed up here and are concerned if it’s something that I may not draw, don’t be afraid to ask me.

I require at least 1 (one) form of contact.
Both Notes and Email are acceptable forms of communication.
Discord can be used, but another is preferred.

All PayPal Transactions are handled by Invoices.
I send an invoice to the customer who then approves and sends the requested payment.
Any person who does not follow this will have their payments returned.
All PayPal payments must be made through the customer’s account.
I will not accept payments for a commission by persons that are not directly involved.
Desired rights (redistribution, editing, and commercial) must be negotiated beforehand.
I retain all rights not negotiated and/or paid for.
Payments are in USD, online transaction services can pay in USD.
I accept Paypal only.
There are no refunds unless I am unable to complete the work within 30 days of the commission being paid for except in the case of it being discussed at a previous time.

Type of commission: (Headshot, Bust Shot, Waist-up, Thigh Up, Full Body, Icon, Chibi, or Reference Sheet)
Additional option: (background, supplementary stuff like character, pet, etc.)
What you want: (description of the expression, the pose and your idea in general or you can leave it up to me).

You must have a proper drawn reference,
Or pictures with detailed descriptions for reference on what’s needed.

I reserve the right to cancel commissions at any time for any reason I see fit.

Customers are welcome to post the artwork they have purchased from me provided proper credit is given.
If you are posting around on other sites, a link back would be much appreciated.
I do not allow my artwork to be traced, colored, recolored or altered by anyone but myself.
Do not edit the images unless you contact me, and I agree that you may edit it.
I retain all artist copyright to the work;
do not try to say you drew the artwork or sell it for your own profit.
You are accepting that I [may] use your piece for showcasing, etc.

As the creator of the work I retain the right to display commissions in a portfolio and show friends, family and potential employers.

If you agree to these terms, please don't hesitate to contact me and we'll be able to discuss~

~* T.O.S *~


30 November 2014 at 20:37:06 MST

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