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Warning to anyone attending MFF - please read by uglylilmonster

I heard from a secondhand source that my rapist is going to be attending MFF.

I cannot name him here due to the site's rules, but I have named him in my FAQ on the subject which you can find on my website and in the many posts made collecting info about his actions towards me and others on my tumblr. He has tried raping one other woman, who is also in the furry fandom. He looks for people in the furry fandom who he sees as desireable - popular people, people good at art, or friends with people like this - and tries making friends with them. He tends to target women or people perceived as women who are overweight, believing them to have low self esteem and to be easier to manipulate. I definitely believe he uses the furry fandom and cons as a means to find victims.

Again, he has tried raping one other woman, and she has publicly said this. He did rape me. This isn't to incite drama - it's to let people know ahead of time the kind of person they're dealing with. If you need a physical description of him / what he wears at cons let me know and I can tell you through notes. This is to let anyone who wants to avoid him be able to do so. It is quite possible to be out-dated, as I have not attended cons in years due to the fear of him finding me and raping me again. (He raped me at a con, and I have felt so unsafe about going to cons that I only attended one con since then, and had con security prepared to keep him away from me.)

Thanks for reading, and I'm sorry to dampen such a fun con with news about a predator. I just know there are a lot of decent people in the furry fandom who would rather not associate with a predator.

I also know that he has been claiming that my accusations are baseless, without allowing the people he tells this to to read anything I or others have written about his behavior.
He has also been calling me his crazy ex.
So, if he says either of those things to you, he's talking about me.

Warning to anyone attending MFF - please read


26 November 2014 at 23:43:00 MST

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    I hope everyone is careful and/or punches his lights out D:

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    Ugh... : (

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    Thanks for letting folks know about this evil creep.

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    Thank you very, very much for the warning.

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    Do you have a restraining order against this person? I apologize if this is a trigger for you.

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      Care to elaborate why you want to know? I don't mind answering in detail, but I want to know what prompted you to ask such a question.

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        When I was attempting to spread this around, the second most common response was "Can't you get a restraining order against this guy?"

        Uhm I have a feeling he's not trying to do anything to you. :V

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          :V a restraining order wouldn't really keep other people safe, though. it'd only make me safe. not much point in that.

          i did look into getting a restraining order, but can't for the life of me remember why i didn't pursue it. i do know i made sure he was banned from my school's campus.

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            I have a feeling they may have asked this because con security has to be alerted to any potential restraining order violations. But I do not know if this policy is strictly up to the con or not. (But on the plus side, if it's true, then it will give you an ins to the con security so you can warn them about this person and have them keep an eye on him - this is what they were hired for.)