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I've got a few things going on today so this is gonna be a kind of lengthier journal, but there are 2 things I'd like to talk about. The first is a shift on my focus digital art wise and the other is the reason the shift is happening. There is of course a summery at the bottom for those who'd rather not read this wall of text.

Basically, I'm not going to be as focused on making digital art as I have tried to be in the past couple years - which even then I wasn't that good at consistently producing things. After last years struggle to scrap by off of commissions, I've learned I enjoy making art much more when it's just for fun. You know, when it's more like a hobby and less like a job.

Now that doesn't mean I'm closed for commissions. I still want to do streams here and there for commissions, which will probably almost always be something simple like sketches and the sort I had been doing. But we'll see. I'll also still be sketching my characters and what not whenever I have time or whim to do so. I've also been brushing up an my animation skills so one day I'll finally be posting some animated creations.

The thing is, my real passion has always been with story tell, animation, and video production. I have loved putting on a good show since I was in pre-school. I went to college for production and had my standards set so high for myself that I inevitably ended up horrendously discouraging myself. Especially when I left college and no longer had access to some of the really good equipment. Then of course came the student loan debt and the constant struggle to get by, I pretty much just gave up on that whole deal.

But, no more. I let my skills go to waste, if I'm going to be poor let me be poor doing something I actually love doing - making videos and hopefully making at least 1 other person smile or inspiring them.

I also let my health slide, badly. Really badly. Haha, as I have mentioned in the past a friend and I are on a fitness quest together. I say fitness because we are going to be shedding off a lot of pounds but also toning up a bit as well. We want to improve our overall health, not just drop dress sizes.

That said. Today she and I launched our first vlogs. Now if you've ever been curious about what I look and sound like, here ya go!

Just click the link below and be whisked off to YouTube channel, HickvilleProductions.

There are a couple other videos linked in that one. One will take you to my friend's channel (Scheckmark) the other will take you to a "pilot" episode of a series we want to do. Because we're a couple of dorkishly competitive people, so it just makes sense we'd have a long running series where we get to compete against each other.

So yea. To sum it all up...

-I will still be making art. I just might not be doing it consistently
-I will occasional still take commissions, but I may not be seeking them out as often as other artists.
-I'm gonna aim to be a skit/gaming/vlogging/goofball/hopefullyonedaycharityfunraisinganddonating YouTuber

That about sums it up.
Sorry I've been terribly absent from all my art profiles, but I have been kept quite busy by my job. That will be changing soon though as the season ends the first weekend of December. From there I'm just going to focus on making videos for about a month. I very well will be taking on commissions during that time and possibly well after that depending on how things go.

All that said, thank you to all of your have been watching my art over all this time! It really does mean a lot to me, and I really should say thank you for that more often than I do. Just know that your support has helped me to strive to improve and share more of my work.

Thank you! And have a great day!
Aka WhiteIcePanther

General Update and Vlogging on YouTube


26 November 2014 at 11:56:47 MST

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