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Trying to get some sleep and motivation by Zekromite

Winter is very dark. Here we don't get snow but we get the cold. Rainy days that chokes the ground and makes it puke into the sea, trailing junk and other filth piled up at the ravines.

Very bad days to get motivation for art. Hobbies should be entertaining, not a chore. I don't even have the motivation to play any game. Feels like a syndrome of sorts. I blame the lack of light.

On the other hand, my WoW sub expired the other day. I haven't bought the new expansion because I'm saving for a new graphic card. This one is old and is starting to die on me. I need to save roughly for like 4 or 5 months. Those are going to be very long months... if my graphic card doesn't ditch me before I can replace it of course, then I surely will not be able to do any kind of art nor play any kind of game.

Trying to get some sleep and motivation


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