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Necessary Hiatus by NecroDrone

Due to the past few months of events and their moderate to severe impact, among other personal issues, I feel it is best for my health to take a break.

I will still be working on the left over commissions on my queue. I will not stream nor be on Skype, Steam or any other engine, and txting may be scarce. You can always contact me through email, as I still check it every day. Sadly, this too means that I will not be opening for commissions again, probably until next year after Further Confusion. I wish not to worry or concern anyone, but understand that I am taking the necessary steps to better my health. Mercy is doing an amazing job supporting me, as well as all the awesome people in my life.

Never forget how amazing all of you are and how much you all mean to me! I thank each and every day having so many of you in my life <333 Your support and understanding ventures leaps and bounds <3


Necessary Hiatus


25 November 2014 at 12:09:12 MST

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    Best of luck with your health, take care of yourself. :)

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    Good luck, hon! And I hope you have a great time at FC. Just wish I could go!

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    Be wel.

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    Take care of yourself hon.

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    Hope things improve.
    Take care~

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    Just get well soon, please :) <3
    We have one saying in our country: "Zdraví máš jen jedno". Loosely translated: "You have only one health." It basically means that when you lose your health, you might not get it back ever. So take care ♥ ~hugs~