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So now that I have a fursuit I am just iching to go back to a furry convention. I was thinking about my past cons & Anthrocon is normally the 1st I go to each year however it is sadly in July. So lets see what the cities the cons are by within reason to New York state....

Midwest FurFest - December 5th-7th - Chicago, IL - 13 hour drive by car/18 hour ride via Megabus out of NYC
I mean I don't have anything planned for that weekend but even still it's kind of close to plan stuff out. Considering how long the bus ride is I'd like to ride with someone.

Anthro New England - Feb 27th - March 1st - Boston, MA - 3 hour drive by car/4 hour ride via Megabus out of NYC
It seems probable to go to this con. It's in Boston so I could take the bus very cheaply or I could just as easily also drive with people.

Furnal Equinox - March 13th - 15th - Toronto, Canada - 8 hour drive by car/12 hour ride via Megabus out of NYC
It's always excited me how close Canada is & FE is a lot closer then other cons on this list. Last time I went to Canada was years ago & I just needed my birth certificate to go. If I went to FE I'd have to decide early enough to have either the $55 passport ID or $135 passport book ready.

Furry Weekend Atlanta - April 9th - 12th - Atlanta, GA - 14 hour drive by car /19-22 hour ride via Megabus out of NYC
I'd also need to save up additional money since I've been to Dragon Con at the same hotel & it's very expensive to go to that area for a con.

Fur the 'More - May 29-31 - Washington, DC - 4 hour drive by car /4-6 hour ride via Megabus out of NYC
I could drive or ride with people or take the bus.

So if you or anyone you know has car space or would like to drive with me or a hotel room for these cons let me know. Also if you want to suggest any other events or whatever let me know.


Help Me - Furry Convention Schedule


25 November 2014 at 10:57:47 MST

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