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VERY Important Updates!! by Clementine

SO... its time for some HUGE updates! There are some really big things happening that i need to update you all about!

Firstly, my hand/wrist has improved but still isn't 100%. I saw my doctor, n she told me to keep it in the brace as much as i can n let it rest. I will be seeing a specialist as soon as i have the time.

Secondly, work progress. i am almost done with the body of many spots/rosettes.. XD then i will be finishing a red panda head (then starting the rest of that suit) along with beginning work on the head commissions (also a 3/4 suit) i have to knock them out of my queue to speed things along.

Thirdly, SURGERY! My surgery (Sleeve Gastrectomy- ) is next Tuesday 11-25! I will be in the hospital for a night or 2. not sure yet. I will update everyone after the surgery! After the surgery i don't know how long i will be out of work. I will try n work when i can but i need to be careful. I'm so excited n nervous!! XD I'm on a liquid diet right now n OMG I WANT FOOD SO BAD.... hahahaha

Lastly, n most importantly, I am moving! I was keeping quiet about this until i got everything straightened out n planned as much as i could. The house didn't sell yet, but i'll be coming back to help with the move when it does. Now for the details.... I am moving in Dec. to TN. Very unexpected, but i am SO happy! finally! Not only am i deeply deeply in love (n loved just as much in return), but my life in every way will drastically improve!! My stress, my work, everything!! Ill finally be able to have a proper workshop n be able to focus on my work!

Now with timing, i have the surgery Tuesday. recover for a few days, maybe a week. have a couple weeks to take care of a few things, then my special foxy will be coming here to help me pack up the house! He will be here for a few days then we are off on our drive down to TN! If everything goes as planned i will be in TN by Christmas! If there are hiccups in the process, then i'll be down there right after New Years. Ill update as much as i can!

If you have questions or concerns please note me on FA (ClemFox) or here if you don't have an FA.

VERY Important Updates!!


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