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Things went less good than expected. by Tiido

I said good ! Don't jump out your socks lol

This long horrible day is finally over ! I took 1 hour break from it in the morning, then a 2 hour one to have lunch and I still waited whole 3 hours ! I should have had extra long lunch break really. That stuff is ridiculous, there's still some poor saps waiting at some doors and it is already evening D:

Anyway I got a 6 month extension, I hoped to get 1 year extension. Still good, just not as good.

Time to celebrate and drink some of these fancy holiday brews I bought ~~~~~

Things went less good than expected.


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    Oh, good! I was worried that you'd be sent off.

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      I fear the day when that might happen... but that day is not today and may not come at all.
      For now I feel good ~~~~

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    Well, at least you still have a few more months before this happens again. <: )

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    Use those six months to prepare and get outta there, I say. Find somewhere you can live that's not going to send you off against your will in a sick twisted conscription.

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      I have considered changing citizenship, but that's also a long, tedious and not a very straightforward process.

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      Haahaa, Goodluck with that! Almost every country has "selective services".
      It's required of every able bodied man (born biologically male). When they reach the age of 16 or 18.

      Avoiding or delaying conscription will land you hefty fines, a prison sentence and an even harder time in the military.
      IF you get caught that is. Otherwise it's not worth losing your so called "rights" and "freedoms". Or citizenship.

      Fleeing to another country is also risky, they could send your ass back and you'll have no place to call home.
      Rebelling is even riskier, and suicide is not an option for some men...

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        *Depending on where you live and current events,
        you shouldn't worry too much and stress yourself out. There's not much you can do about it.

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        Well that's certainly depressing.