Holiday Commission Sale! by SpytDragonFyre

I've been meaning to have a sale and, with the holidays coming up, now seemed as good a time as ever. I have a few different things available, and things for all price ranges.All commissioners/adopters taken between now and December 24th will be entered into a special holiday raffle, with the win drawn on the 25th.

Current Prices-
Terms of Service-

10% Off
I'll be taking 10% off of any commissions $10 or over. This includes single orders or entire groups.

Sale Items
From now until the end of November, the following items will be discounted.

Icons- $2
Doodle Designs- $5 (quick sketchy designs, fully colored)
Bust- $5
Colored Sketches- $10

These two YCHs are also for flat sale
1. (fursuit concept with three separate views)- $30 for standard, $40 for secondary marking examples (examples linked in description)
2. (character in a wedding dress with full background)- $35

All Adoptables are still on sale (lots of free art from me of the new character).

New Items

Tiny Bust- $2
Stained Glass Bust- $5
Full-Body Pixel- $5
Lineless Image- $15
Fursuit Concept- $25+

PYWY Stream
Saturday (November 14th) I will be hosting a Pay What You Want stream and accepting cheaper commissions through there. I'll be offering some of everything (sketches, icons, lines, etc.). People will be able to order something regardless of whether or not they attend the stream, although any larger images will be worked on after stream goers. Any work accepted that is not completed via stream will be completed off-stream but with the option of seeing WIPs.

I'll be giving an additional 5% off any of the following: dragons, feral animals, couples, horses, designs, and canines.

Holiday Raffle
Anyone who buys anything from me from now until mid-December will be entered into a special Holiday Raffle. While the exact prize is a secret, it will something to remember <3

If you're interested in a commission or have questions in general, feel free to comment or note me and I'll get back to you soon <3


Holiday Commission Sale!


18 November 2014 at 22:14:36 MST

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