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I'm amazed by Iridium

I'm also appalled.

Furaffinity can't seem to help itself. First was the 'hire' in January, which led me to joining Weasyl. Now is the announcement of the 'hire' of a known individual of questionable morals with a penchant for accessing people's personal information without their knowledge or permission.

Furaffinity does not seem to be improving itself. So, the time has come to remove my journals and submissions. Does anyone know how to remove stuff en mass? Doing it one journal or image at a time will take forever. Thanks.

I plan on leaving the account "Iridium" as present so that a copycat doesn't take it over.

I'm amazed


18 November 2014 at 20:10:59 MST

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    Removing journals was a mission and a half, I have to admit. If there's an easier way to do it than clicking 'delete' on each one, I don't know it!

    But, yeeeah... Without resorting to name calling and 'baseless accusation,' what a cack-handed pack of lemurs.

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    Well, I thank you for this post, Iridium! I am now removing my own art from that site and posting ONE last journal entry saying that I moved here full time (without going into why)

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    You could just close your account.

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      Deactivating my account explicitly leaves all of my journal entries and submissions available for the administrators to see.

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    To be honest nothing surprises me anymore with FA drama. Between the Abuse of power of admin, the lynch mob mentality of the hordes of fans. And the new hires recently helped just make me shake my head. Yeah I'm porting things over here which is a massive undertaking. FA will have to do much to restore any faith and trust.

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    It's ridiculous. Zero respect for the staff regardless of functionality of the site. If you have trouble trusting people to work on your 'baby' then why hire people with a recent history of violations?