Time to recover by SwirlySpotBean

Heya, I'm back but with some news that kinda just blows. So another death has occurred, this time it was my grandpa. I've been mourning over his death for sometime and it's took some toll out of me, he was my father when my father was never in my life. I just dearly miss him a lot and would appreciate some time to recover.

My plans are to get those owed art pieces, I only have 2 so far. I know they're trying their hardest to be patient with me. After I finish art I'm going to organize my things and make a better T.O.S journal/sheet along with prices. Just to remind those out there, I'm NOT open for any request or commissions. I also will be doing personal art for myself after I finish owed art, I really need it so badly since I'm always guilty when I try to do warms up and such, I don't know.. just me feeling like it would be rude. So this concludes this journal, I'm still very sorry and hope this works out.

Time to recover


17 November 2014 at 14:07:27 MST

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