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Boxfox has launched! by mamath

So y'all've probably already noticed from the submissions slowly going up that I made a plush toy! Boxfox!

I've been working on it on and off for a while - I was hand making them for conventions for about a year but I couldn't really keep up with demand, and because I was making everything myself I had to charge a lot. Every con, I would end up disappointing a lot of people... Even though Boxfox was designed to be fairly quick to make and cheap (unlike, say, a MLPFiM pony, which would run hundreds of $$), it was still too much for many people...

So earlier this year I went to visit my family in Bangkok and we set out on a mission to find a plush manufacturer who could bring Boxfox to the masses! I visited their premises to make sure they checked out, see samples of their work and discuss materials and numbers... I paid them to start on the production prototype, based on the specs I gave them (including a sample Boxfox that I'd brought over with me).

Getting the protoype to the right place was a looong process. Months. I think they got pretty sick of me tbh as I was pretty exacting. :D;; We got there in the end though! I don't regret being exacting either because if I hadn't been, Boxfox would look very very different. It was tremendously frustrating to repeatedly send off images show /exactly/ how I wanted the embroidery to look and get something completely different back. I still don't understand how that kind of variation was happening. But...we got there. /breathes
So I paid them for the full run and we were underway. Production took longer than anyone thought it would but that was okay. As long as it was done RIGHT.

A few days ago the first lot of Boxfoxes arrived! I got my friend to come over and we took some fun product photos. :D That night I basically stayed up all night editing photos, setting up store info and costing everything. By morning I had unleashed my Boxfoxes on the internet! :DDD I was too tired to be nervous though so I collapsed into bed for a few hours.

Then I went to the dentist haha.

And I fielded a lot of questions and made some tentative promotional posts. And Storenvy's DNS crashed so a lot of people couldn't get to the store. @_@ Storenvy!! A good lesson though! By next year I hope to have a store set up on my own website so I can deal with that kind of thing myself.

In a lot of ways, Boxfox is a testing ground for more complex projects in the future. :) I can't wait to show you all what I have planned for next year! And if Boxfox does well, I want to make them in lots more variations. Different sizes and colours, for sure. And plenty of other ideas. :D But I don't want to get ahead of myself.

Anyway. Wish me luck!
And if you'd like to buy a Boxfox of your own: they can be purchased here. Every dollar is a dollar closer to me being able to try the next thing!

Boxfox has launched!


14 November 2014 at 07:21:46 MST

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