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November Updates~ by Zeta-Haru

Hi there watchers from all pages! ^^

Posting a quick update here, I felt like I should talk about things.

I'm currently living by myself and having to pay full rent, dad have to leave and I don't want to live where I used to, I prefer to live here in the apartment, I had way too much stress because of others back then, and being alone most of the time helps me to avoid that.

The only reason why I don't feel alone is because of the love I receive from you, from my boyfriend... and my friends.

Boyfriend is doing an important test this weekend and I already feel nervous for him x3 but he will do fine I'm sure of it.

head scratch Sorry, I kinda forgot the point of this journal but anyways, I went bowling with my old sister and her bf's friends today, I was needing to go out and change my routine, was starting to get sick from doing the same things over and over and not being able to somehow increase the quality of my life in a way that will make me see things differently.
I was starting to feel bored from my own work (wasn't always the case) and I need some inspiration, sometimes I ask myself if I really wanted to draw something or not, it's hard to tell when you mix that with your work for a long time. But well, what I have planned in my mind is that I'll try to draw the things I want to draw most, things I feel like I always wanted to draw but didn't have chance or time, or just didn't remember. Some of these will be personal and some going to be YCH alright? (which are also going to help me with the new rent ^^) those are mostly going to be the ones I just want to draw clothes or scenary and don't care about character species much

But enough jibber jabber =o I'm still trying to figure out what's happening with my patreon balance, it's still at $0.00 for some reason and I'm having to contact patreon, I might need to repost everything and it will be a mess... in the end I might the one losing money :/ I'll update you guys as soon as I get a more specific replies from them.

November Updates~


8 November 2014 at 21:43:41 MST

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    Sorry to hear about your patreon. It is awesome that you broke the routine and did something to make you happy.