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CON CIRCUT 2015 (please give me suggestions!) by MittyMandi

It’s as good a time as any to put this list together!

January 15th - 19th - Further Confusion, San Jose, CA
February 21st - 23rd - Texas Furry Fiesta, Dallas TX
April 3rd - 5th - BABScon, San Francisco CA
May 14th - 17th - Biggest Little Fur Con, Reno NV
May 29th - 31st - Everfree Northwest, Seattle WA
July 9th - 12th - San Diego Comic Con, San Diego CA
August 7th - 9th BronyCon Baltimore MA
September 24th - 27th Rainfurrest, Seattle WA

Cons I am interested in but am not sure if I am able to attend yet : BronyCan, Vancoufur, SPX, APE, RMFC, MFF

If you have any suggestions for conventions that aren’t listed here, let me know! I’m especially interested in conventions that

1) Are situated in the west half of North America,
2) That feature a focus on animal art, comics, cartoons; any place my art would ft into, or
3) Are in the months of March, June, October, November or December.

Thanks, let me know!

CON CIRCUT 2015 (please give me suggestions!)


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    Duuuuuude if you end up going for MFF, let me or Ian know, that's gonna be way more likely than SPX for us tbh and we'd be down with splitting a room (if you wanna do that anyways!!).

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        Yeah that would be awesome!! I am very likely to hit up MFF, it one of the few east coastish cons I make a strong effort to do.

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    There is Furlandia, and you would already be in the PNW. I am not sure when they're gonna open dealers tables though. This con is literally right where I live so I hope I can get a table soon, same with Rainfurrest.

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    Furpocalypse (formerly FurFright) isn't in the west (it's in Connecticut), but it is in October, and it's a neat little furry con that's just barely large enough to feel like there's people there and things to do but not so large that it becomes cliquish or an anonymous sea of faces or anything. A neat little furry family gathering, almost.

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    I know A.C. is out... just know that I MISS THE HELL OUTTA YOOOUUU!!!!!1IIONEoneElevenTeen

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      I MISS YOU (and also TT!!!) ALSO A LOT >8(
      Maybe one day I'll be in a place where AC is less of a gamble :C

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        ...maybe March... TORONTO / Furnal Equinox! (I can dream. GRIN!)