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Been ages since did one of these. Mostly cause where I hang mostly online is art sites so LOL updates whut?

But been mostly alright. Work for a while got very busy and tough because we had 2 quit on us at the same time, same shift (the pseudo 3rd shift), fueler for morning shift tore his arm up and was out for months, so i had to flip between my normal morning shift working OT to working nights for some weeks until they got more folks hired and people done with their locked in vacations. Now just 'normal' busyness going on there.

This is the time of the year my moods may start going south cause of that Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder or whatever its called... But now that I'm aware I have it, ready to counter it whenever it starts to show. Hopefully I wont get lonely and emo to much anyone this year around.

Starting to catch up to my dad, as far as collecting project/beater cars and not getting rid of any, heh. As of this weekend I now have 5 cars in my name. my 2012 Crosstour, 1999 Civic (that BadgerBen/Yifferfox now mostly uses to get to his job), 1969 Chevy c10 pickup ("Ol Dutch), and the 2 'new' additions are a 1971 Cadillac Coupe Deville bought off a friend for 500$, and a 1965 Chevelle Malibu that was my great uncles for many years. As with any old cars they need work, but the Cadillac runs and drives OK. I missed having a big tank to drive around in like I grew up learning how to drive some with and most importantly how to take apart and fix random stuff on the car all on my own with nobody's help. An older video before I owned the cadillac is [url=] HERE [/url] if wanna see. removed the bullshit 'ram air' the previous owner before my friend did to it and put the high beam lights back, among other things.

And speaking of cars, my dad and his step mom were in town for a couple months to deal with getting stuff progressing further on selling our house in Fairfax, left a few weeks ago for KY and dropped step mom off. Dad had our (moms old) 95 accord left at the Fairfax house... comes back, car's stolen. NOTHING like that in the 30 or so years we have lived in that neighborhood gets stolen, so obviously suspicious on who took it. Couple weeks later, car is recovered in DC, close to one person we suspected. Today, police informed dad that the person who stole in confessed, and was one of those we hired to work on the house. So I dont know how that's going to pan out on if we keep that group around to finish the work, or fire them all and find new people and go through the hell of them trying to pick up where these folks left off, etc...

I am still locked in for the most part for MWFF, but at worst i may be forced to change my flight schedule to come in Friday vs Thursday night if i loose having that Thursday off. I'll be there till Monday morning sometime before flying back. Guess will do one of those meme things once i see them floating around...

Money will be crap on and off rest of the year cause of the cars added to insurance, insurance due, other bills etc... But will be OK for most part. Just cant go wild on commissions of high quality till next year some time. And one of these weeks.months I'll get off my ass and upload the 50+ commissions I haven't yet. And maybe one day I'll get the urge to doodle again... Had a feeling it was going to dry up again for a while. but whenever it hits, I'm jumping on it. So I haven't quit, just out of fuel for it I guess.

Life Update stuff


4 November 2014 at 22:38:26 MST

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