Commissions FULL, Waiting list OPEN! by Pancakelicious

Im gonna open up a Waiting list.
If you wanna secure a slot but don't mind waiting, you can pay and you'll me moved into the next available slot.
Or you can note me for a quote on what you'd like made, and you'll be notified when a slot becomes available.
The order of the list is the order that people will be noted, if the person rejects or doesn't asnwer I will contact the next one.
Paid slots have priority over the non paid ones.
Does it sound reasonable? I gave it a lot of thought...
Im open for advice on the waiting list matter, for now it'll work as stated above!


GARAGE SALE STILL GOING!I need to get rid of some premade things.
It's all made by me, it's all cute and adorable so please check these sales:

Magnets have an awesome offer of Buy 3 get 1 free! :D

And the queue:

♥Commission Slots♥

1- zenafox BJP -Working on!-
2- goldeyedwolf Mid Fleece (paid)
3- i-like-dragons Large (half paid)
4- elkdragon BJP (paid)
5- buckthorn Large ($40/120)

♥Waiting list♥

Noone yet :P

Commissions FULL, Waiting list OPEN!


3 November 2014 at 16:06:15 MST

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