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Finding all the pieces by Onic

After over a decade of development, I knew the time would come to begin writing the story that is dearest to me. During this time I avoided the journey, fearing I could never do it justice, but I now have two novels written and my excuses continue to decline in relevance.

When I was eleven years old, I made up a story called Dakota's World. It was set in a forest "with trees as tall as mountains" and was populated by anthropomorphic wolves and wildcats. It was the first original story I had ever created, a full five years before I would eventually discover furries and join the community. I've only posted one meager scene from the story before:

Since that time, through my years of keeping personal journals, I often wrote about, discussed, referenced, and developed this story. The entries are scattered through a maelstrom of information about me and my life and thoughts, so I have taken the initiative to pull the old volumes out and sort through them, gleaning all the information I can about the story in preparation for finally writing it. I have seven volumes in all, and have already finished the first. It is long, taxing work, but also rewarding as I speed through years of my past as I search. The story has grown and changed as much as I have.

It is now known as T'koda's World, often called Echoes.

Finding all the pieces


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    This sounds very similar to my own situation, though perhaps a step or two ahead of me. I have a novel I began in 6th grade, wrote a few chapters, started over, wrote a few chapters, stared over, and repeated that process at least a dozen times. It is currently named Eidolon, and tells of the creation of anthros by humans in the future, and their exodus from Earth. I've drawn and commissioned art here and there and have little snippets of the story lying all over the place, and it's about time I actually started organizing it, and writing more than just a few chapters.

    I'd be very interested to read your story when you start getting it organized :)

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      And I am more than willing to share. So far I have only told one friend the entirety of the storyline, and it took 4 hours. So far I'm spalled by how little of the story is written versus what I know in my head. This is the main reason I am compiling all existing information first, so I can fill in the gaps and apply changes, revisions, etc.

      Your story sounds interesting as well. I have a similar plot, but it occurs through supernatural means instead of scientific. Have anything I might be able to read?

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    Well, congratulations for your perseverance. I forsake the idea of writing a novel pretty quick. I had a fairly amout of ideas, a rather good style (I hope) and already 300+ pages written, but I dunno... That was rather to kill boredom in physic.

    Anyway, you've earned my respect for the second time :P

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      Haha, 300 pages? I may have written that much between my first two novels.

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        To be fairly exact, that was 300 pages on 4 novel starts. I finished none of them.

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          Still, that's a good effort. What kind of story/stories?

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            The usual crap furries write before they know about furries. And that was mostly the life I would have lived if I were me.

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              Not crap, just a getaway. We all need it now and again. I used to write similar material without realizing how healing it was at the time. Now I wish I had the innocence to return to those worlds and have fun, live simply, and love all around me.

              Sounds sappy, but I can't let it go, you know, ;3