SoCalFurs Halloween Event Round-up by socalfurs

Yeah, better late than never, eh?#  After talking to furs from all over Southern California, I managed to form this small list of furry events for Halloween. So, pack your bag of tricks (and maybe a fursuit) and plan for your Halloween adventure.....

  • Anpu42’s Halloween Meet-n-Greet (Riverside, CA) - Think of it as a classic movie night goofing off with friends with some classic Halloween movies.  Bring your costume to amuse the trick-or-treaters.  BYOF (Bring Your Own Fun)

  • West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnaval - Growly has organized this year's costumed gathering in West Hollywood.  Fursuits are highly encouraged (but make sure your footwear is comfortable).  Take on the energetic crowds and bring fursuiting to the streets of WeHo.

  • Halloween Skate Night (Westminster, CA) - Frosty loves to ice skate and he wants all his friends to join him. Costumes (and fursuits) on ice! Contests, raffles and other surprises await.  Costumed participants get free admission.

(#)Sorry, Kat has been absorbed into Halloween stuff of her own -- as she will be working at a party Friday and Saturday nights. Its not furry per se but if you are over 18, and out in Redlands than feel free to stop by.

SoCalFurs Halloween Event Round-up


27 October 2014 at 08:48:39 MDT

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