So sorry for not being active! Weasyl real slow? by TheUmbraArtist

Hi guys, Im really sorry for not being active, for some reason Weasyl is just extremely slow to load and the scant time I am getting on the computer to attended to my social sites such as this one, it actually wont load in the time I am on, this is the first time in a while I have been able to settle down and wait for it.
It usually takes around half an hour to load a page after clicking on something, and its only this site. The other sites are fine :(

So sorry for not being active! Weasyl real slow?


26 October 2014 at 22:36:03 MDT

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    I just want to ask about the browser you're using.

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      Im using firefox, and thats about it, though I have chrome in case I need to.

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        That would make sense. I've never used Firefox (even though the Quizilla admin team tried to nicely push me towards downloading it), but I've read several people complain about its slowness.

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          Its usually because firefox memory leaks a lot and so uses up a lot more memory at the time of use, but thats fine I understand that, and try not to use it when doing other intensive stuff such as digital arting or music, but other sites are working fine is what weirds me out... though I've tried things out on chrome and it seems to be working fine now on Chrome :/

          Im so confused T_T

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    Hmm, not slow at all for me.