Vent: I'm No Good For Anyone by BipolarWolfy

Maybe I aint good for ya
Maybe someone better can take my place
I was always scared of that fact
But i'm learning its something i must face
So allow anyone into ur heart
Ill pack up and leave once I see those dark shadows enter
I'm still scared on where ill go
But that's fine,not like this hasn't happened before
Ill sit outside on the curb
Suck in my tears and pain
Ill learn to hate and never trust again
As they say, hate has made people go far
I wanna see how far i can go before i fall
Ill never look anyone in the eyes again
The lies and abuse is all i see now in them
Im tired or being screwed anyways
I wont even let anyone see whats inside me
Cuz i know there ain't nothing beautiful in my bones
Just black dust and useless junk
The World has made it clear
I ain't good for anyone
I'm to broken to be fixed
That's fine though....just fine
God seems to be the only one who hasn't struck me down
Ill just leave my fate in his hands...amen.

Vent: I'm No Good For Anyone


26 October 2014 at 10:39:48 MDT

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    Hey now, the Lord isn't the only one who hasn't struck you down. People you have nit met have the possibility of being your greatest friend.