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Going to MCM Expo this Sunday by Fiz

Or at least going to try, if they still have passes at the door. The site says the Saturday passes are 90% sold SOOOO let's hope we don't drive 2-3 hours for nothing. Because without anime and comics and bootleg arpakassos, London is nothing.

EDIT: Gonna try for Sunday instead.

Posting this mostly to bump down the birthday journal. I'm so bad at making journals nowadays :V I don't have a lot to say that isn't verbal fart noises. Uhh random updates:

Gonna try to start grinding on my commissions again, I've had a bit of a slowdown lately. Having a hard time focusing to start with sucks, then add really bad distracting tinnitus in one ear then you got a world of spacing out. I was gonna try to set up some pay-what-you-want stuff but I'm not sure when I'll try that now. Might get pushed back for me to work on normal owed work, or might get pushed ahead so I can do smaller stuff to get my motor going. It is a mystery. And likely once I get my art going again I'll start streaming again. Though big thanks to all the people that commissioned me recently or were in my streams, ya'll are great!

VIDEO GAMES. I bought Smash 4 3DS and Payday 2: Electric Boogaloo. I'm really bad at Smash 4 but I love playing as Villager. Fucker picks up tornados, what a mad man. I'm also really bad at Payday 2 but I have a lot of fun with it. Maybe one day I'll git good at games that aren't Brawl or Puyo Pop Fever :T

I am buying toys. I am buying all the toys and you can't stop me. Check out my toy blog or I won't give you a pizza roll:

I really need to get a custom Mega Audino plush but I'm not sure who from. Wondering if I should wait to see if an official once gets made or not. SIGH. The toy hoarding life is the hardest life of all. falls into a sea of bunnes

Going to MCM Expo this Sunday


24 October 2014 at 12:34:04 MDT

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    I hope you have a great time Fiz. and thank you again for your help earlier.

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    Mcm? Mighty Car Mods?

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      I'm actually not sure what MCM stands for lol. but its a comicon