GMX + Halloween by NightWolf714

Hi guys! ^_^ How is everyone?

So first bit of exciting news is GMX (Geek Media Expo) is coming up. I haven't been able to go to it in ages because of schedule conflicts. But this year I can. Well, part of the time. I'm only going for Saturday. Unfortunately I work Thursday night so I'll be sleeping a good deal of Friday. And I'm working Sunday night so I can't go Sunday. But I'm off Saturday so I'm gonna go there. I really wish they would post their schedule up, though, so I could figure out how early I'm gonna want to get up for it.

Why can't life be more nocturnal friendly, yo!

Still, super excited about it. No idea what I'll wear for it though. Probably my pikachu ears and tail or something. I dunno!

I'm also excited because a really really good friend of ours who lives out of state is going so I'll be able to see him again. :D

Second bit of exciting news is that I'm off for Halloween night. And it's a Friday so Norv can stay up however late that evening. Whoot! No real plans for it. I'm probably gonna be a black cat again this year because I was a derp and didn't prepare anything. We're probably gonna hang out at the house and watch Halloween movies (Hocus Pocus for sure!), make up and decorate pumpkin sugar cookies, and eat too much snacks.

No matter what, I'm looking forward to it. Halloween is my all time favorite holiday! We've got our house decorated a bit with ghosts and a crow and some orange lights. All inside since we don't have much of an outdoor spot, but that's even better. <3 I need to get a new pumpkin, though. Apparently even uncarved, pie pumpkins don't last very long. ;n;

I am making a new art doll for Halloween. At least, I hope it's done in time for Halloween. I've been ridiculously lazy with it. >_<;;; I'm making a grey and black little bat. It's gonna be adorable you guys!

So that's my up coming exciting time. ^_^

GMX + Halloween


19 October 2014 at 22:21:09 MDT

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