Sick of FurAffinity (cross-post) by PhantomFullForce

So this was a journal I originally posted on FurAffinity [1] but since I'm still pissed off about the situation, I thought I should post this elsewhere. So here it is in all it's ctrl+c, ctrl+v glory.

The vacation is over I guess. Back to commissioning stuff.

I'm trying to keep things pithy here but I'm kinda annoyed. I joked a couple of times about FurAffinity being sucked into a black hole and for a second there, I thought "oh shit it really has." But we're back which is cool but it does give me cause for concern because God forbid FA (and all the other furry sites that were DDoS'ed) were to make it past the event horizon, the fandom would implode like two high-speed locomotives in a head-on crash (this was a real publicity stunt back in 1895 [2]).

The way I see it, FurAffinity is like a old party van. It'll show you a good time but it's busted, old, beat up, has pet peeve clanking noises, and breaks down often. I can't help but think that this site is hardly going to improve. It's mismanaged, the admins are corrupt, the site is full of exploits, the company (Ferrox Art LLC) is in debt (according to your furry commander-in-chief, don't take it from me [3]), and if it weren't for copious amounts of voluntary donations, it would assume room temperature. This cloud server we are donating for 4, but why wouldn't this addressed sooner? And why were these sites running on Internet protocol from the 90's (SSLv3) that made the furry Internets a turkey shoot for DDoSers? What precautions could FA have taken but chose not to? And you thought hackers were bad--how about the IRS?

I'm not insinuating that all the guys who run this site are lazy or abhorrent (I know some have been working hard) but it does mean two things: 1. Furries need to stop living or dying by FA and branch out more, and 2. If FA remains the most popular furry site, it needs to get its shit together. FA is supposed to be the New York Yankees of furry sites--it's time they start acting like it. Here's your impetus--FA is revived from DDoS purgatory and we got new cloud servers. A LOT of furries are counting on you, don't let petty personal issues between the staff get in the way. You're trying to take care of the site but can't? Get someone else to do it. Cut the dead weight, bring on responsible people who will be good stewards of the fandom, gain back some credibility with the community, GIVE US FOLDERS TO ORGANIZE OUR SUBMISSIONS AND FAVORITES, and start putting this "business" to work again. Turn a profit if you must and stop trying to inhibit any progress. Fwiw, re-enabling the commissions tab is hardly improvement.

Sadly I expect none of these things to happen and we'll get DDoS'ed again, there'll be another "Zaush-gate", and people will still bemoan this site but keep coming back.

I wouldn't have a problem paying for subscriptions, donating, looking at a few ads, but only if I think the site is in good hands. Prove me wrong, FA! If this site is going to get "better," let's see it! Because deviantART has been looking mighty fine right now and I'll probably hit up that place more. I can browse people's galleries without seeing all the smut that I do here. So come on guys, do this for the GOOD furries out there and give non-furries something to admire about us besides fursuits and beautifully-drawn animal penises.

I'll probably be chillin over at deviantART [5] and Weasyl [6]. I've gotta get those galleries up to speed anyway. Also for the lulz, I'll get back to answering questions on my account [7] so now's your chance to ask a purple fox anything shudder. I'll be on FA just to check out the new art, the commission openings, and what everyone is up to, but I want to hedge my bets until it gets its shit together again. If this site goes back into read-only mode in a couple of hours, I'm going to weep tears of laughter and chagrin.

Oh and if you want to know why I was so miserable the last month, there was a furry artist girl I kept trying to impress but it didn't pan out the way that I liked. So yeah, now you know.

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Sick of FurAffinity (cross-post)


19 October 2014 at 16:00:43 MDT

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    "Sadly I expect none of these things to happen and we'll get DDoS'ed again, there'll be another "Zaush-gate", and people will still bemoan this site but keep coming back."

    Oh wow. You were like psychic, man. Only this time the dude quickly resigned.

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      As much as I'd like to take credit, it doesn't take a psychic or wizard to know Neer would hire another psychopath in the near future. :p