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Before I was adopted, my mom allowed me to work with her in the bakery she owned (which had long been destroyed to make room for apartment buildings..) but when she was teaching me all her recipes and secrets... She made me promise to continue to lighten moods and make people happy through my "gift" of creating interesting combos and food art... At the time I didn't know why people liked me creations and ideas.. Sum were weird combos (For example a cinnomon toast pumpkin cupcake with marshmallow frosting with a cinnomon stick sticking out the top with chocolate shavings.. Which is AWESOME) but I actually had a dream about this last night so I guess I'm...remembering it... Weird... But yeah I really need some help and would like any and all I can get!

I'm currently saving up to move to Colorado with my boyfriend and open a place there cause my college I will be attending is also there....
And I will be starting fundraisers and everything as soon as I get the necessary ideas and help from others...

Basic idea:
The 'mascot' and theme are my fursona Collette and her colors. I like the brown and pink mix (her hair and stripes) so I will most likely use them as a theme. My boyfriend and I have decided to make a cafe styled eatery that provides a free wifi service. Almost like a Starbucks, but will offer lunch items as well...(sandwiches, perhaps soup, and then of course...pastries!!!!)

We're still thinking about names, but have settled on "Collie's Creations" ...but I want to get a logo so I can try to raise awareness... We tossed so many ideas...but we're thinking about Collette..(just her thighs up?) In an apron (with a cursive "CC" on it) mixing in a bowl with the name "Collie's Creations" somewhere (perhaps under it? Or maybe one work on either side...or above her in cursive or drippy letters)

But...I don't have a computer anymore.. And my boyfriend is unable to help at the moment... So I was wondering if any of you beautiful people could offer a helping hand? ;-; I'd be super grateful, try to throw some profit at you (if people even help v.v) or give you free eats for life at the place when we open (AND YES- THIS WILL BECOME A REAL THING!!)!

Please reply with a link if you tried or if you would like to try <333
You can even try your own ideas, you don't have to use my logo idea or name, we're open to anything and everything. But I don't just want to see words...I want a picture of some sort please... Must include Collette! And incorporate brown and pink! Be creative <3333

Thank you, my beauties :3

In need of logo


18 October 2014 at 15:28:01 MDT

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